The to increase pressure on the so called ‘democratic’

relationship between United States of America and the Democratic People’s
Republic of Korea have been aggressive since the Korean War but have recently
taken a turn for the worse due to North Korea’s trial of Nuclear Weapons. With
the Hwasong-15, North Korea’s latest missile and the equivalent of United
States’ Titan II, reaching upto 13,000 kilometers, Australia and the entirety
of United States are now at risk, further deteriorating the relations between
the nations.

is truly apprehensive about the crisis and is predominantly focused on bringing
both parties back to the negotiation table. Australia has shown this time and
time again by advocating the placement of economic burdens on North Korea in
international forums. However, Australia, by adhering to the ANZUS treaty,
takes the side of United States in this matter and Australia expresses its
support for US to use all available options including the use of force in the
case North Korea attacks and will also come to the aid of the United States.  United Nations has passed several sanctions
in favor of Australia’s stance of placing financial burdens which began with S/RES/1695 which placed sanctions with
concern to their 2006 launch of ballistic missiles, and were continuously
strengthened and went on to S/RES/2270 which
imposed inspection of all passing cargo to and from North Korea, prohibition of
weapons trade and expulsion of North Korean diplomats. These sanctions are
necessary to increase pressure on the so called ‘democratic’ government of
North Korea which brings Kim Jong-un back to the negotiating table. Kim
Jong-un, aware of Australia’s fixed stance, had issued a letter threatening
Australia stating that it had made a ‘dangerous’ move aligning itself with
United States, warning it could lead to a ‘catastrophe’ for the country. Given
that Australia is designated as a Nuclear-Weapon Free Zone, and that there have
not been any Weapons of Mass Destruction created since the First World War, it
would be easy to mistake Australia as a harmless country; however due to the
dual-use nature of Australia’s facilities, its advanced biotechnological
industries could easily produce biological warfare agents. Alongside this,
Australia owns a third of the world’s Uranium deposits making it a nuclear capable
country, Furthermore, the United States in adherence to the ANZUS treaty, can
and will retaliate just as if it was an attack on United States itself.

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mentioned, Australia believes through the placement of financial burdens on
North Korea, Kim Jong-un will be forced to come back to the negotiations table.
However, this requires all nations to adhere to the sanctions, which currently
is not the case. This can be seen by North Korea shipping coal to Russia and
Japan which is a clear violations of the sanction which fails the purpose of
the said sanctions. The results of these sanctions are clearly visible, with
Kim Jong-un running out of funds for the Nuclear Weapons test and now relying
on his family’s inheritance to keep the program running. Australia believes
that the North Korean-United States conflict should be resolved by friendly
methods and that the use of force will not be necessary.