The to food. All those nicely wrapped packages on

The only healthy diet
is one that includes all food groups: Discuss



The aim of
this easy is to discuss the food groups and their impact on a healthy diet. The
essay will show how important a nutritional diet is and the Food Pyramid will
be used as an example. The aliments in the pyramid will be presented individually,
stating their importance and their “contribution” to a balanced life.

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Diet plays a
fundamental part in people’s lives. The food that people consume has an immense
impact on their health and well-being. A poor alimentation can lead to obesity,
kidney diseases, diabetes. As James Douglas-Hamilton said, “what we eat is, of
course what we choose to eat, and that must always be the case”
(Douglas-Hamilton, 1996, p3). However, people should continuously be aware of
their dietary choices.

is a very strong word when it comes to food. All those nicely wrapped packages
on the shelves are made to catch the buyer’s eyes, but not all of them are as
nutritious as they present themselves.

In order to guide
people to living a healthier life, the Food Pyramid was created. It was firstly
published in Sweden in 1974 by Anna Britt Agnsäter, as a guide to cheap and nutritional food. Later on,
in 1992, the Americans

The Food
Pyramid represents a graphic explanation of what and how often people should
consume certain types of food in order to reduce the risk of alimentation
related diseases. The pyramid has five layers, which follow very simple rules.
If the food is on the lower layers, it means it can be consumed more often and
in higher quantities. The top of the pyramid represents the aliments that
should be consumed in smaller quantities. Nonetheless, no foods should be
excluded from people’s diets, as they all contribute to a balanced regime.

The Food
Pyramid emphasizes the fact that a nutritional diet is based on balance,
variation and moderation. A healthy diet begins with cereals, fruits and
vegetables, because they are low in saturated fats, sugar, sodium and
cholesterol. These three, go hand in hand with the foods which are high in
proteins, such as milk, yogurt and cheese, which are represented in the third
layer of the pyramid, and meat, fish, eggs, poultry, which fill the fourth
layer of the Food Pyramid. The top layer illustrates the food and drinks high
in saturated fats, which are the “enemies” of a good diet and which should be
consumed rarely and in very small quantities.

The Food
Pyramid was the guideline created to improve the quality of life. It gives the
possibility of diversity, where people can choose and combine the food from
each group, based on individual preferences.


To begin
with, the lowest
layer of the pyramid is represented by fruits and vegetables. These two should
be consumed daily, as they “provide” the human body with vitamins, minerals,
fibers. Moreover, they are very low in calories. Fruits and vegetables should
be consumed raw, between five and seven times a day.

order to get the daily recommended intake of carbohydrates.

should move one layer higher on the pyramid and consume cereals, potatoes,
pasta and rice. Carbohydrates are the main source of energy. However, it is
important to choose integral cereals over whole-wheat cereals. They should be
consumed between three and five times a day.

The dairy
products such as milk, yogurt and cheese can be consumed daily, as they
contribute to the immunity system. They are very rich in calcium and proteins.
In addition, dairy products contain phosphorus and water. That is why it is
recommended to have three servings of dairy food per day.

towards the top of the pyramid, there is the fourth layer, which consists in
meat, fish, eggs, and poultry. They all represent an incredible source of zinc,
copper, vitamin B, iron and proteins. However, for a healthy diet, people are
recommended to consume mostly fish and white meat, and no more than three times
a week.


The number
one enemy of a healthy diet is, of course, sugar. Sugar and saturated fats fill
the last layer of the pyramid. Nowadays, sugar dominates the food economy. It
is a well-known fact that it is a very addictive substance. It is called “the
white death” and it can lead to obesity, heart disease or even cancer. Sugar is
found in most of the food that is consumed nowadays.