The there is another exoskeleton that most people don’t

The exoskeleton that we all know about is the one that covers the bodies of most invertebrate animals it provides both support and protection; however there is another exoskeleton that most people don’t know of, but it is changing the world around us. A powered exoskeleton has the capability to do amazing things; it can change someone life and it is all technology. The exoskeleton is a wearable machine that allows humans to have increased strength, endurance, and mobility. It also helps people who have special needs; this allows them an opportunity to walk maybe for the first time or again. Many people were born without the capability of being able to walk, and some people lost that capability which would affect their life drastically. This skeleton gives them this opportunity to experience walking, which is completely amazing; all they have to do is put on a suit. The exoskeleton is a robotic machine that uses computer and electronic motors to power paralyzed limbs. The suit can be used by anyone to enhance their abilities or to give them a chance to do something they couldn’t do before. People with spinal injuries and muscle wasting diseases who would most- likely never walk may be able to get around as easily as completely-able people can.  The machine does for them what their own muscles and nerves can’t. The wearable machine uses electric motors, pneumatics, levers, hydraulics, and a combination of many other technologies to make the machine work. This machine is designed so anyone with a disability of not being able to walk can use the machine; the user does not have to put in any effort to use most of the exoskeletons that are made. Many different versions of the suit have been made and many more still being developing. Most of the suits focus on different things; some being for the work force and making the workers job easier and putting less strain on their bodies. Another type focusing on the army and making superhuman soldiers. And another for rehabilitating disabled people.  This idea of making these suits has obviously been in the making for a very long time; ancient warriors have been wearing armour on their bodies for centuries, and the first thought of a human wearing a suit to enhance their abilities were only in comic books. In the 2000’s the technology was really being invented, besides the several attempts in the later 1900’s. The original thought was brought about so the army could make any ordinary man do thing that were deemed impossible, for example carry hundreds of pounds of supplies without getting tired, handle larger more advanced weapons, be able to carry wounded soldiers to safety, and lastly be able to avoid gunshots. Most people thought this was insane, but some really thought this could be a reality. By 2010, they had developed some propitious technology. Currently in 2018, many different companies have their own versions of the exoskeleton for the different purposes, but one of the most outstanding ones has to the the exoskeleton which helps with paralyzation. In conclusion the technology for the exoskeleton has improved tremendously over the years, and the progress made with the technology has given people more opportunities in their lives and gives them a chance to do things that they could not before. The technology breaks boundaries, revolutionizing the way some people live their lives.