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The government only wanted the Chinese people to immigrate to Canada because they could use them for cheap labour, and take advantage of them by applying double standers for them. In 1881 Chinese coal miners earned $1 per day, unlike the Canadian workers that earned $2.50 per day. Chinese workers were paid low prices and had to deal with getting their own food, shelter and supplies (can’t buy store items). John A. Macdonald said that “the Chinese immigrants have no common in Christ like them,” but after he said “it is better to have Chinese labourers than no labours at all,” so they accepted Chinese labourers to finish the railroad. During the construction of the railroad, the Canadians let the Chinese perform the extremely dangerous, and life-threatening tasks such as blasting dynamite, and working hundreds of feet off the grounds in harsh cold weather. Over six-hundred Chinese workers were killed in the fours years of building the railroad by, explosions, malnutrition, illness and dehydration. It is said, that by the Fraser Canyon for every foot built one Chinese worker has died. Once the railroad was completed a lot of the Chinese immigrants did not have enough money to travel back to China, so many rested in British Columbia, in Vancouver and Victoria. They became gardeners, cooks or servants in wealthy Canadian families. For the Chinese workers that had enough money they returned to there home for 2 years, but if they didn’t come back, they would lose their right to enter Canada. The government wanted the Chinese immigrants to return so they can use them as labourers. After the Canadian Provincial Railroad was finished, the head tax was created because workers weren’t needed. The government decided to limit the Chinese immigration by creating a Chinese head tax. Each Chinese immigrant wanting to enter Canada had to pay $50. The Chinese were not stealing jobs but rather the Canadians were being greedy, and not thankful for the money they earned.