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The entry of the United States into World War 2 has largely influenced the war by forming an alliance. Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the 32nd American president who led the America through world war 2 and Great Depression. There were three major conferences that took place during cold war that involved FDR, Churchill and Stalin who were also popular as the big three. The three major conferences during the cold war were Tehran, Yalta and Potsdam conferences. There were different issues raised in all three conferences which were dealt under the leadership of big three that affected different regions and also the change of power in the countries that were involved in the war. This alliance was formed due to the effect of Germany invading Russia in 1941 that pressurized Stalin to get support through troops or man power from other countries. This event led the big three leaders to shake hands and form alliance.       In the alliance, Churchill had suspicions on Stalin and was not able to move with hasty ideas because he was not sure whether to trust Stalin in these circumstances or not. Hence in the Tehran conference, it was decided that any country that assists Germany in the war should be occupied to cut down the supplies and extra power for Germany and this was also to secure their own countries from one another. On top of that, the soviets had a chance to imply temporary governments in the countries they occupied. Soon the big three came with a strategic plan and agreed to launch an attack on both sides against Germany and japan where Russia will be heading from the east and Great Britain will be heading from the west. The three leaders discussed and made number of crucial decision about WWII and also about post WWII such as Stalin suggesting upon an alteration of eastern border of Poland. Overall, this conference helped to strengthen military power as a whole against Japan and Germany.       The big three in the next conference, which is the Yalta conference decide to pressurize Germany on an unrestricted surrender  (quote needed here), this means demilitarization and were forced to pay reparations and also in