The the public. From the NHS lecture it was

most significant challenge(s) for the IT / ICT industry in 2018


One of the challenges that has occurred with in the IT industry is
the running and the creations of large scale projects. The IT industry is on
its way to digitalize all services which are available to the public. From the
NHS lecture it was gathered that 82% of the population are using on-line
service and platforms. From this research it was concluded that it would be
much beneficial for organization to digitalize there services. However many
challenges have been encountered when attempting digitalize large scale ICT
project. One of the reasons that ICT projects tend to fail is projects tend to
run with the  software methodology called
the waterfall design model. For this model each stage much be processed in order
before the next stage can occur. The issue with this model is that there is
high risk of uncertainty as end client only gets to see outcome at the end of
the project. Due to this the client has no idea what to expect and if the user
no longer likes the outcome of the project it tends to fail.

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Another reason that major ICT projects tend to fail is that they
have poor performance record in terms of risk, as the risk management of what
is going to occur is not taken into consideration of. In addition to that if an
organization is in the process of developing solutions to system they can be
further challenged by new legislation that is being introduced meaning they
will have to back track all the progress they have completed in order to
complete the project for the end user.

On the other hand government organization representing ICT have come
up with several ways to solve these problems by using much more open source
technologies. The use of open source will be much more beneficial as software
can be developed in a much more collaborative public manner. Another way that
was suggested instead of the software model of waterfall the agile methodology
can be used. This is a iterative model. During each section of the development
it is tested and reviewed therefore this means the client is always kept within
the loop to make changes they require.