The the one thing that we can always do

The Value of a Good HeadhunterYou know I hear that a lot. I get that question a lot. What’s a headhunter? How I present myself as a headhunter to my clients is I’m a service that makes their hiring easier, faster, and more enjoyable. And contributes profitably to their bottom line. And so a good headhunter will do just that; they will make sure that they have a clear understanding of the clients hiring needs. They will have a very clear picture or develop one, of the ideal candidate profile for the client. And they will go out and expertly source and attract the high demand talent that their clients are looking for. This is talent that’s not otherwise available to prospective employers.The Value in Using a HeadhunterA good headhunter brings to bear resources, in the form of people that reflect on your company’s bottom line in a positive manner. A good headhunter will build your bottom line all the time. A headhunter who is not set out to do that is probably somebody you might want to pass on. Recruiting exceptional talent is an art form. I always like to say anybody who tells you that headhunting or recruiting is easy is either drunk, stoned or just plain stupid. It is a very difficult role because we’re dealing with people, we’re dealing with that fluid mix, and we’re dealing with so many variables that are out of our control. But the one thing that we can always do well as headhunters is focus on the value of the relationships that we’re building with the resources that you as an employer need to build your company. That’s the value in using a headhunter.Top 8 Recruitment Predictions for 2018In this bulletin we are looking at some of the most popular predictions for 2018, coming out of the staffing sector.  The TIRA team put their heads together and came up with the following shortlist of the 8 biggest predictions for you this year:* We expect to see a continued movement, to take recruitment activity in-house, with the use of multiple suppliers and even more direct hire activity in 2018* Watch out for continued growth in video recruitment. Now that the technology and reliability has improved, this is a rapidly growing tool that is being adopted by many large companies in particular.* 2018 we predict will be the year of the aggregation service, as online services come together to deliver multiple solutions from one dashboard in the cloud.* Recruiters are predicted to become more candidate focused and assignment biased this year as the value of good quality candidates continues to influence recruiter behavior.* Recruiters will continue a trend to become more relevant and niche as companies continue to search out specialist suppliers to aid their search for rare and specialist skills.* Going mobile is widely tipped to be the biggest trend of 2018, with mobile friendly websites and Apps delivering a better, on the move experience to job seekers who now demand to perform recruitment activity from their mobile devices.  * More international recruitment activity is widely predicted this year. 2017 saw international recruitment in Oil & Gas in particular pay big rewards to the recruiters that found a way into these lucrative international hiring channels. Expect this trend to continue.* And finally, the Technology Alliance suggests that 2018 will be the year that the phrase ‘big data’ is over used almost as much as ‘economic downturn’ or ‘global warming’.  Data mining, aggregation and CRM have come together to make sense of huge data sources to make more accurate predictions and you will all become the target of the purveyors of this data.This moves us seamlessly into some ‘big data’ news: It has been reported that retailers this year plan to use 60% of their marketing budget on ‘big data’ related marketing activities. However it has been found that 45% of retailers do not use data effectively to personalize marketing communications and 42% are unable to link data together at the individual customer level while a further 39% of retailers are collecting data too infrequency. Better use of data for targeted marketing and for predicting trends more accurately, will potentially be a massive game changer for many businesses next year.