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The Internet connects the people globally. We all know that there are various advantages of theinternet but we cannot neglect the adverse effect of the internet also. Through the help of internet,the communication has been easy and the information has been easy to access. But there are someunauthorized users like hackers, sniffers trying to steal those precious data and use them and makea fraud transaction.X.509 certificate is a digital certificate which uses the widely accepted international X.509public key infrastructure (PKI) standard to verify that a public key belongs to the user, computeror service identity contained within the certificate. First of all the user will send the request to theweb server, when there is the establishment of the connection. After the safe and secureconnection is established between the two, the mode by which they are going to havehandshaking will be decided. Basically, there is two type of handshaking mechanism they areeither from encryption or using the scrambling method. In this after the method is handshake isdecided the data will start to move back and forth. This is how the core operation takes place.Now if we look at the X.509 certificate then here the core operation that happens is when theuser sends the request to the web server then they will look at the connection and once theconnection is established once the connection has been established then they will do ahandshaking and at the time of handshaking they will decide by which method they will transferthe file from encryption or use scrambling method and after they have decided the method oftransferring the data will occur back and forth. This is how the core operations take place inX.509 certificate.Description in Brief about the working mechanism of X.509 certificateWhen the website is hosted on the web server then there will be various of prerequisite that needsto look after. Such as making the website hosted in such a server where they will ensure that theywill use different SSL techniques so that the data that will be transmitted back and forth will notbe affected by the external users or by a un-wanted person. For the website that will take the securesocket layer, the website host will first decide to look at the basic infrastructure such as researchabout the companies, it will look for references and finally, they will assure the identity of thecompany. If the hosting doesn’t have the SSL service they will use a third party in order to ensurethe safety. When the connection is made between the user and the web server then this securitywill look at the different certificate authorities of the user who is requesting a response from theserver and once those all validate and then they will establish a connection and a handshaking willoccur between the client and server. During the handshaking the both client and server will makean understanding of the mode to transfer the data between those two. And there are basically twotypes of method that will either be scrambling or encryption. In this way,the data before approaching its destination will be in such a form that only the connected end willknow the meaning of that what is written over there. In this way, there has been the establishmentof a secure socket in two ends and then the transaction that will happen within them are securedenough and no one can interfere into this. Now when the private information is transmitted throughthe internet than before exiting the router the text will be converted into such a form that other thanthat two none other will understand in this way the precious data will be transmitted over theinternet. Now reaching at the server as those were connected and a secure connection was createdby the method of secure socket layer these can descramble or decrypt the information as theydecided the way to transfer the data initially during their handshake. In this way, the datacommunication used to happen back and forth in a safe and secure manner.Symmetric and asymmetric encryption and hash function:Asymmetric Encryption: Talking about the asymmetric encryption these will use the public keyfor the encryption, utilizing the pair of the public and private key. In this, the encryption of dataoccur with the help of both private and public key, where the public key can encrypt the data andthe private key is used to decrypt the data.Symmetric Encryption: Unlike an asymmetric key, this symmetric key will use only one key forencryption and decryption of the data and only one key is sufficient for the data to encrypt anddecrypt. In this, there will be a secure connection with the assumption of shared secret betweenthe two users.Hash Function: Other than any encryption function has to function is a different kind ofencryption technique used. In this, the data will be stored initially then after when the data isprocessed then it will be changed into the mathematical algorithm. Once the hash function hasbeen digested then it will give the hash function. Now if the data is being modified, deleted or ifsomething is played in that then the hash value will change. In this way, the data encryption takesplace in the hash function.