The that is high on quality and nutrition. They

The main goal of an organization is of profit
and growth, but organizations should be responsible for the impacts of their
actions on society and environment while making business decisions. The HR department
of the organization plays an important role in making business run sustainable.
are various roles that HR has to perform in sustainability but the most important
one is embedding sustainability into the organization’s culture in order to
align the leadership and employees efforts with the company’s long term vision
of sustainable business because there are cases where often organization fails
to achieve this objective due to lack of support from leaders, limited
involvement of employees and poor systems. So, HR should also work at
developing sustainable systems and processes. They impart trainings to the
employees of the organization by giving them healthy working conditions, proper
compensation policy, and social dialogue in companies and social climate in
companies. HR plays a key role in developing talent that can deal with both
present and future sustainability challenges facing organizations and adopt a
holistic and integrated approach to meeting the same. HR acts as a source of
competitive advantage that can be leveraged by creating sustainability linked performance
targets, undertaking training, education, value based recruitment etc. They can
play a major role in engaging the employees and channelling their efforts for
sustainability. Many companies today have resorted to report on sustainability
initiatives taken by them in order to promote investors’ confidence, trust and
employee loyalty. HR plays an active role in formalizing the informal learning
and knowledge sharing in order to create an organization that is responsive to
the factors internal and external to the organization. It is moreover able to
attract and retain the right set of talent and align them with the
sustainability agenda of the company.

The study is intended to Mother Dairy’s
initiatives which focus on building sustainable quality and food safety program.
Mother dairy’s moto is “Happy Food Happy People” and they
work towards making people fit by offering them food that is high on quality
and nutrition. They cover all aspects of sustainability whether it is of
employees or resources of environment.  

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