The than in the wild Allow people to be


The world around us is changing and not entirely for the better whether we like it or not. On average over 10,000 species go extinct every year 41% are reptiles and 26% are mammals. Zoos were created to give animals the best possible life by providing the best environment. Zoos are a great place for people to learn because many people learn by seeing and experiencing things for themselves. zoos offer people the taste of the wildlife. 


Provides stable environment in which they can live in freely

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Proven that animals live longer in zoos than some animals in the wild

Zoos save endangered species and often help them reproduce in hopes of them no longer being endangered in the near future.

Zoos often take in exotic pets that people can no longer care for or no longer want

Zoos often have very high standards when it comes to animal care. Staff are caring and will most definitely share a special bond with the animals.


zoos want to save animals and be able to care for them better than in the wild


Allow people to be educated about wildlife and allow people to have fun while learning.



Have a place that can help achieve their vision and mission.


Allows people to get hands on

Promotes family boding

Great exercise 

Increases academic knowledge

Provides entertainment