The Supreme Court of the United States of America

 The Supreme Court of the United States
of America is the most potent court which
is openly created by the constitution. The bench
comprised of
nine judges headed by the chief justice.
Once the judges have made a decision, it cannot be fascinated
by other
courts. The nomination of the
chief justice attracts the media attention and
debates typically. For that reason, the Supreme Court has automatically become
the strong and very confidential body.

Following, the court’s powers given by the constitution, it,
therefore, marks the end of the most cases. The
court always has a limit of 100 to 150
cases that it handles every year. The
court rules after the interpretation of the law
within the bench of its judges. In
cases that involve the foreign VIPs, or
where the state is a party, the court has
jurisdictions; cases must trail in the court and latter can be transferred to the lower courts. Cases reaching
the supreme court must always appeal to the moderate
courts fast, i.e., the court of appeal.

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 The parliament has all the powers to choose the
total number of judges in the Supreme Court,
but they cannot change the powers given to the court by the constitution. In 1789, the judiciary act made the jurisdiction
of one chief justice and the five other judges.
From 1789 to 1869, the number of judges in the Supreme
Court has changed six times but
still has remained nine, the chief
justice and the other eight associates. Chief justice being the executive
officer of the Supreme Court is always like the other
judges and has only one vote in deciding
the case.

In determining the fact,
six of the other judges must vote and always side with the winning votes is
required for the decision. Sometimes the choices are not agreed, the court can substance
the majority and the minority views.  Chief justice can write an agreeing opinion if they agree with the
majority opinions with reasons and according
to the law.

Furthermore, an opinion is a document containing all the
arguments and the reasons of the justices behind their rule over a case. Either
the papers can also entail the decision
of the constitution of law or the judge’s
theories on how to interpret the law. The opinions always comprise of a vital part termed as the ‘case law’ a rule in a written notice created by the judges. The case law designed by the supreme court
binds the lower courts and are also used in the future making of law by the parliament,
legal scholars and the case studies by the law school students.

In the year 1803, the most significant
court opinion come about in a case called, Marbury v. Madison.          Chief justice John Marshal gave the
majority opinion which proved the idea of the
judicial review, though it’s not reflected in the constitution.  The chief justice got an advantage of the
case to assert that ‘a legislative act contrary to the constitution is not law’
but it is an ’emphatically the province and the duty of the judicial section to
say the law is’ which later expanded the supreme court powers.The
judicial review also has been used in coverage
of the local governments and the state.
It can, therefore, declare their activities unconstitutionally, and stop
them against the act in demand.