The suddenly fails, another part of the mechanisms can

principle of “Defense in depth” is a multilevel security mechanism
that enhances the security of the system as a whole. Even if, due to an attack,
one part of the security mechanism suddenly fails, another part of the
mechanisms can still provide the necessary security to protect system. This
principle is similar to the military strategy, that it is more difficult for an
enemy to defeat a multilayered and complex defense system than to overcome one
barrier. “Defense in depth” minimizes the likelihood of successful
attempts to inflict malicious attacks.


the implementation of the principle of “Defense in depth” can create
complexity for the application, which does not correspond to the principle
“simplicity” that is often practiced in the security system. This
means that when adding new security features, it can add additional complexity,
which can create new security vulnerabilities. For instance, for an application
with login authentication, increasing the password length from eight to fifteen
characters can be a bad idea, since the complexity we added can cause users to
write their passwords down, which will reduce the overall security of the
system. However, adding a SIM card for authentication to the application will
increase the security of the system, adding an additional level to the authentication

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