The registered reftigees andDarashakran Camp there is 10000 registered

The area of haq covers the resume known since ancient times as Mesopotamia, a Greek wordmeaning land between the rivers. kaq, which occupies an area once home to some the earliestknown civilization. Instability & Sabotages have hindered efforts to rebuild and economyshattered by decades of conflict & sanction’s even through this Iraq has the second largestreserves of crude oil.lThe Kurdistan region has already registered 3, 00,000 refugees of Syria to accomrnodate them.The KRG (Kurdistan Regional Government) has built permanent camps & others are on theconstruction. The KRG has provided 70 million dollars in relief funds. ‘ . In the city f Dohukalmost 20000 Syrian Refugees are there and the government of Iraq has provided them 24 hoursdoctor and specific health care. In the Domiz 1 camp there is 40400 registered reftigees andDarashakran Camp there is 10000 registered Syrian reftigees which under taken by the kaqgovernmentDue to Iraqi civil war, began in January 2Al4 lrnthe middle east, which was started by the IS orthe ISIL. This war infected whole kaq & more than 2 million of people were displaced withinthe country & others were in the neighboring countries. Almost 2 lacks people are living asrefugees in kaq due to the ISIS war. ‘ Because of the conflict, WHO & the parhlers areresponding to this crisis by controlling outbreak of diseases, supplying medicines andstrengthening hospitals, clinics and health workforce. a.I . I 45429542. ?id:25 4 :l 033 . “DTM- 1 0M-kaqMission”.iraqdtrn.iom. int.April | .20T74. www.who. int/features/2O I 4/iraq-population-displace & UNFPA scale up tauma & emergency obstetric response capacity to safeguard lives ofNewly displace families from west Mosul. Iraq’s humanitarian health crisis was declared a Grade3 emergency on24 January, 2014., WHO thinks 150 million US Dollars is needed to respond thehealth needs of 5 million displace people right now. WHO and its health partners have beenundertaking numerous actions including Vaccinating including 8.5 million children. Makinghealth cile accessible to all displace people and fixed health care service, delivery around 6hundred tons of necessary medicals supplies since June 20,2AT4 to the affected areas. Healthsection frurding requirement for 2017 was aknost 109.6 million dollars and WHO fundingrequirement is 52 million US dollars. There is a WHO project for increasing health securities forIraqi refugees and people of Mosul for US 52 million dollars. Due to the campaign of WHO 1.1million people had direct access through medicine and 5.8 million children were vaccinatedagainst Polio. 5 ‘The republic of Iraqbelieves.Thee should be physical health care center in the refugees camps & besides that. Therealso should be psychological health care center also.Refugees should take part in jobs & they should have rights to farm in their area of livingcamp.The latrines should have proper disposal & the importance of cleanliness should bepromoted in the camps, So the refugees can be made aware of the dangerous disease.5.