The rather large changes that the United States made

The United States changed a lot of things from 1776-1870. First of their population skyrocketed from it being 2,148,100 in 1770 to it being 38,558,371 in 1870. The main cause of the increase in the population was immigration of people that were coming to the US and a more minor cause was slavery. Both the population and slavery had major effect on the next 100 years of the history of the United States. There was also many new innovations in the United States like roads, waterways, steam boats, refrigerated railroad cars, and railroads. Roadways, Waterways, and steamboats all made transportation a lot easier and faster. Although these new innovations lent more helping hands railroads were still used for closer transportation because it didn’t move as quickly as the steamboats.The rather large changes that the United States made over the 100 years started with signing the Declaration of Independence. Then followed was us to having to fight for our freedom. During this time the constitution was sanctioned, The Louisiana Purchase takes place, and the Revolutionary War ended. Most cities were industrializing and Factories advanced and continued to grow and that led to multiple different machines being built, and overall it changed how the whole industrial world worked. Back then women were known for the role of staying home and cleaning well that was also a big change that occured in the United States. Women were allowed to get out and join the workforce and do many tasks that usually only men were aloud to do.Overall within a century the United States changed in so many different ways. Obviously people gained more knowledge which gave them the ability to invent these different kinds of machinery allowing more opportunities to open up in the workforce area. This means that Factorise had improved and caused more cities to industrialize. The industrialization was the reason most people migrated to the US in search of work and that is why the population increased a lot. Although blacks were still segregated slavery in the US decreased drastically. All these are reasons on how the world kept improving and changing every year for the better .