The purpose of our shark tank project is to

            The purpose of our shark
tank project is to aid seniors in an aspect of life that everyone has difficulty
in. We created a portable chair, where a cane can be attached and detached.
This way, seniors can take a seat anywhere while still having the cane for
support. Having grandparents of our own, it was a common complaint among them
that it was often hard to find a place to sit in public places and even if they
were fortunate enough to find any, the seats would be too hard and provide
discomfort which opposes the purpose of a chair. The portable cane chair as we
call it, eliminates the problems complained by seniors by letting them be able
to sit on a comfortable chair wherever they want. It is portable, lightweight,
and provides mobility aid that a cane offers with the comfort and rest provided
by a chair.

For the
elderly, comfort is vital and a necessity in seats as they
spend a majority of their day sitting due to their mobility declining with age.
As people get older, their muscles tend to become weaker and fatigue quickly.
This limits their endurance to participate in physical activities or even simple
activities. In result, when the elderly try to exercise to maintain their health,
they find discomfort and pain. This is the reason why it is essential for them
to have a chair available wherever they are, while using the cane for support
when moving around,

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Currently on the market, many of the products
are just portable chairs. However, seniors don’t want to carry a chair wherever
they go, while also having to buy a separate cane. There are some products on
the market that are similar to ours, by combing a chair and a cane, but there
are many attributes which makes our product better than its competition.

First, our product is very portable because of
the removability of the cane and seat, making it lightweight. The products on
the market are so bulky and heavy, that the cane cannot be used comfortably. In
addition, other similar products have a model that requires the cane to be put
in front of the person when sitting which is very uncomfortable and distracting
when doing other activities. In comparison, our model solves this issue by
making the cane detachable and thus removing the cane from the person’s view. Our
product can also be used as a cane or a chair separately instead of being fixed
into a combination which makes its usability not only limited to the elderly,
but anyone of age.

In our product, little
effort is needed and has a very simple design, making the usability and accessibility
very good. The person using our product can learn how to use it without any
instruction and doesn’t need additional help, as it is very self-explanatory. The
only work required is taking out the cane when they need to sit and putting on
the chair seat which is very simple and doesn’t require a lot of force. This
way, even if a senior has limitations in gripping or holding on to things, they
shouldn’t have any problem. Also, because of how portable and lightweight it
is, the elderly will have no problem carrying it around with them. It makes it
very accessible for one to bring it with them throughout their everyday life
without having to feel pain by taking it everywhere they go. Even though it is
lightweight, it is still sturdy enough to support anyone using our chair. We
made sure that our product can be used for anyone, even if they have certain
limitations that prevent them from using it.

Ever since we were able to walk as a kid, we
would always find it tiring to walk for a long time or even stand in place while
waiting in line for something. Especially in lines for rides at an amusement
park, people have to wait in line for at least two hours. When thinking of an
idea, we realized that if we couldn’t stand the pain as young strong kids,
there is no way the elderly could. We couldn’t imagine what it must be like for
the elderly to walk or stand up for a long period of time. For example, our
group member’s grandfather has back problems which makes it difficult for him
to walk for a long period of time without having multiple stops to take a seat
and catch his breath again. His grandfather has always had back problems but
sometimes that wouldn’t be the biggest problem. For instance, he needed to take
a seat to get some rest, but there was no seat nearby for him to sit. He
thought of maybe carrying a small chair with him when he would go somewhere,
but carrying a chair would eventually tire anyone out which would result in no
one wanting to carry the chair anymore. After thinking about portable chairs,
we remembered that canes are commonly used to help the elderly walk. So then we
thought about what it would it be like to have a cane that his grandfather
could use to walk and also provide a chair if he ever needed to take a seat.
With a chair always with him wherever he goes, he can still take a seat
whenever he wants and never have to worry about seats nearby or having to fight
for a seat. While it may seem like a problem only his grandpa faces, there are
millions of elderly around the world that struggle with this same problem.