The properly transposed in the existing legislative instruments in

The EU gender equality acquis in
general has been properly transposed in the existing legislative instruments in
Croatia. Gender equality, along with freedom, equal rights, national equality,
peace-making, social justice, respect for human rights, inviolability of
ownership, conservation of nature and the environment, the rule of law and a
democratic multiparty system, is one of the highest values of the Croatian
constitutional order and a ground for interpretation of the Constitution
(Article 3 of the Constitution). The Gender Equality Act and Anti-Discrimination
Act explicitly prohibit sex discrimination.

However, in practice there are still
prejudices that can sometime lead to severe cases of discrimination. For
example, gender discrimination is considered the third most common ground of
discrimination in the labour market by employed and unemployed persons (Franc
2010). The discriminated is protected by the constitution but the problem is
when the individuals in public service, such as in the police or hospitals,
behave themselves in discriminatory ways. The root of the problem can be traced
to Croatia not having sex education classes in the educational curriculum;
therefore, generations are left to their own devices or home education about
sex and gender equality, which often does not equip students with adequate

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In business, governmental and public
institutions there still is some discrimination in practice, although according
to the Constitution and the Gender Equality Act all those who feel they have
been discriminated are protected and have a basis to a legal complaint.

Financing opportunities are available to civil
societies that focus on gender equality and climate change and the environment,
from public as well as private sources. There are some financial opportunities
that target women exclusively while other are rather unbiased in regards to