The pharaohs stopped building great pyramids in which some

The Valley of the Kings is where King Tutankhamun and over 60 other kings and pharaohs are buried, but most of the tombs were looted by grave robbers. In 1500 B.C., the Egyptian pharaohs stopped building great pyramids in which some would be buried. Instead of burying them in the great pyramids they buried them in the valley of the kings. There was also writing and pictures on the walls, so when the tombs got taken archeologists used the writing and pictures to tell stories. One of the only tombs left is King Tutankhamun’s tomb. The valley of the kings is located just south of Luxor. Inside of the tombs they would put things that the dead would need in the after life, such as walking sticks, furniture, clothing, and even pets. When the pharaohs buried tut in the valley of the kings, he had a gold mask on. Before any body is buried in the valley of the kings they do a weighing of the heart ceremony. They also had a specific process of mummification they would cover their organs in natron then put them in three jars. The tombs in the valley of the kings varied from small to big. A lot of times the kings and queens tombs were bigger, because they had all of their slaves buried with them. The biggest tomb was the tomb of at least 52 sons of Ramesses ll. The largest tomb is also known as KV5. The tomb of KV5 is located very close to Tut’s tomb, about 70 meters away. Ramesses ll lived to be nearly 90 years old, but his sons lived to be around 100 years old. Not only kings and their slaves were buried in the Valley Of The Kings. There were queens too, like Queen Hatshepsut was buried here along with Cleopatra, and Tuthmosis. The Queens were buried here because they were all at one point rulers, and most of the rulers are buried in the Valley Of The Kings. When they buried the queens, they would bury them just like the kings. They would also put all of their belongings and pets in their tomb for the afterlife. Today, the valley of the kings is known to be a royal. It is known to be royal because a lot of royal people and rulers are buried here. The Valley Of The Kings actually has a different name in old Egyptian. The Egyptians would call it The Great and Majestic Necropolis of the Millions of Years of the Pharaoh, Life, Strength, Health in The West of Thebes. In the Valley Of The Kings, there are a number of tombs that are not occupied and have never had an owner. Today, they have a museum of the tombs that were not taken, including king Tuts. The museum also has a lot of pictures and stories. The Valley Of The Kings is very important in history. It is important because that is were one of our youngest rulers ever is buried. It is  In conclusion, The Valley Of The Kings is one of the most important staples in history.