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The History of the Mark 1 – also known as “Big Willie” Impact during war World War 1 started in 1914.  It wasn’t until 1916 that tanks were designed, made and used.   Before that they had armored vehicles, but they couldn’t maneuver in the trenches and there was a lot of barbed wire, because it was cheap.  The barbed wire was put up very high.  There was barbed wire everywhere, so something had to be done. Most of the fighting was done from the trenches.   Now, we will talk about how the tanks came into existence.”The British were pioneers in the field of armored warfare during World War 1, producing the world’s first practical combat tanks in 1916.”(1)   First of all,  they produced Little Willie, which was mainly a prototype and could only cross five foot trenches and it did not do well in its design .  But they did like what they saw and then the Mark 1 tank or Big Willie was born.  It was a redesign of the Little Willie with improvements.  It  could cross twelve foot trenches.   It was not perfect, but it was the best they could do without the enemy discovering it.  This was a top secret project so they used the code name tanks.  They used the name tanks so people would think of water tanks and the name stuck..The total of the order for the tanks was 150 tanks in two batches.  There were both male and female tanks.   The tanks were made in England and had an operating crew of eight people.In the tanks there was several causes for sickness.   Some of them were the noise and the high temperatures.   “There were powerful emanations of carbon monoxide,  cordite fuel and oil vapors, all made worse by poor ventilation.”(2).  The men who served on the crew of the tanks were very brave.”It was the coming of the tanks that helped us to victory in the First World War.” (3)  Winston Churchill was a strong supporter of the tanks.  “It is impossible to revive the extraordinary thrill and amazement, the hilarious exaltation with which these things were first seen on the fields of the Somme” (4)The tanks were very instrumental in winning the war and especially the Big Willie It led the way for other tanks.This document reflects to the events of WW1 because tanks were one of the  main fighting sources during the war. Cause And EffectCause was that the British needed a new way to win the war.Effect was that the Mark 1 or Big Willie was created.Primary DocumentsArticles from various websites.  I feel that the most important source was because it has a lot of historical facts about Big Willie.Other sourcesPhotos Models of tanks both male and female.