The pathways to follow. For example, the mesolimbic pathway

The neurotransmitter dopamine
is a molecule in our bodies that regulates our pleasure centers, which is why dopamine
plays such a large role in people’s addiction. However, dopamine is also very
much present during times of high stress. As this neurotransmitter flows from
neuron to neuron, it also comes into contact with receptors inside the synapse.

It is associated with the positive state of being such as feeling in love,
having motivation, and listening to music. Too much or too little dopamine can
have life altering effects on a person ranging from hallucinations to having
memory loss. In the brain, dopamine sends messages from the central nervous
system. The prefrontal cortex of the brain is known for involving higher levels
of thinking, which is where dopamine works to improve an individual’s memory. If
the sensation of motivation is being felt, then dopamine can have different pathways
to follow. For example, the mesolimbic pathway is the most important reward
pathway in the entire brain. This pathway starts at the middle of the brain and
spans outward toward other places in the brain, such as the cerebral cortex. So,
although there are many neurotransmitters, Dopamine is a very important
regulator in how we feel and interact in society.

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