The One of the days, Ada’s father tried to

  The main character of men in this film is Stewart and Baines. Both of
them are desire to sexuality with Ada, who had been attracted by her talent and
beauty. In this gender roles strongly defined as through cloth. For Baines, Ada’s
underwear becomes an object of captivation and charismatic. In one of the
scene, Baines watches underwear of Ada and ask her to lift her dress higher in
0:46:25. In this part we can see, the man in this generation can order the woman
whatever they wants and woman have no chance to reject. Besides that, Ada
removes the curtain and reveals the naked body of Baines and move on directly
sexuality this scene has been reversal of cinematic conventions. On the other, Stewart’s
retribution is terrible, acting as a symbol of phallic dismemberment. The
objective of Stewart is to control Ada’s sexuality and spirit. It can be showed
that male chauvinist of Stewart who want to keep his dignity and honour for a
man. It is due to the reason that, the men in this generation think that, how
honour is important for them. As a conclusion, the woman is subject rather than
object and, at the same time the male who is the object of the female gaze.











B)Woman Representation

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   The Piano
(1993) takes places in the mid19th century which is directed by Jane
Campion. Through the visual of female, who is protagonist in this film Campion
explores representation woman in society and change the stereotype before. The
main character, Ada who is a widow and silence or hasn’t speaks since she was
six. However, she uses music motivated herself and expresses her feeling.
was migrates to New Zealand from Scotland with her daughter Flora. One of the
days, Ada’s father tried to arrange marriage to her. It can be showed that,
women who live in that generation have no right to choose what they want and
the right will be exploitation by gender. In this film, Ada has setting as a
victim. She conducted sexuality with Baines in 1:03:05 and Ada naked her body
in 1:02:44. She also raped by her husband, Stewart in 1:36:42 and cutting her
finger in 1:37:43, after he realizes that his wife, Ada still love at Baines. Nevertheless,
the woman power can be see when Ada removes the curtain and revealing the naked
body of Baines in 1:01:12. This put the reality of feminism effort into
different view. Besides that, we can see the portrayal of woman in this film is
insignificance view of the employment. Ada only occupied herself with the
piano. The dressing of Ada represented the woman in the culture dress, modestly
and must cover their hair when outdoor. As a conclusion the main character in
this film, Ada who decided the gender stereotypes denying affection to Stewart.


A)   Minority

The minority in this film is
frontiersmen, which is the Maori. The stereotype image of this film is about
the frontiersmen. On top of that, they lived in a small woody house in outskirt
which showed at 0:16:08. The frontiersmen also talk in their language which is
not popular at all and may not understand by international people in 50:48. The
maori woman represented as coarse and loud because they making obscene idea to
Baines in 0:47:50. They bath in river together regardless man and woman with
some bad posture in 0:47:12. In 1:06:38 of the film, the frontiersmen do not
wear clothes and carry the heavy piano to Stewart’s house. On the other hand,
the frontiersmen give us an image of non-educated and using violence or quarrel
to solve the problem which is shown in 1:08:39. The frontiersmen also portrayed
as larggers. They use horse for carriage in 0:54:53. The frontiersmen also excrete
at public. One of the woman, excrete by asking others to cover her using
clothes. She also buried her excrement with sand in 1:29:03 in film.