The of the highest female employment rates in Eastern

The Gender Politics of Terrorism

has led the way in Eastern Europe on issues of gender with a large integration
in all spheres of Bulgarian society. The gender pay gap is 13.4% which is below
the EU average of 16.2%. About 58.2% of Bulgarian women are employed, one of
the highest female employment rates in Eastern Europe. We have shown great
commitment to dealing with gender issues and bridging the gender gap. Bulgaria
remains a shining light to which eastern Europe looks to learn from in dealing
with issues of gender and protection of women’s rights, with a gender gap index
of 0.756 one of the highest in Eastern Europe and a ranking of 41st
out of 144 in the 2016 Global Gender Report. We are also ranked 3rd
in all of Europe in terms of women participation in the executive boards of
large companies. The Government is constantly upgrading the national
legislation to integrate a gender perspective. Bulgaria continues to apply a
gender mainstreaming approach toward the development and implementation of all
governmental policies and strategies.

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April 2016 a new Law on Equality between Women and Men was adopted establishing
the principle of equality as a coordinated state policy, designating
specialized bodies and mechanisms for its implementation at all levels. This
Law ensures better compliance of national legislation with EU standards and
international legal instruments related to gender equality.

aim is to further strengthen our laws especially the provisions related to
equal treatment, equal access to resources and equal participation in
decision-making, as well as ensuring gender equality in all spheres of the
social, economic and political life of our nation.

measures are of particular importance not only for the economic empowerment of
women but also for overcoming the stereotypes based on the perceived social
roles of women and men.

continue to support the UN in all its efforts towards achieving gender parity
and protection of women and children by adopting the UN Convention on the
Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) and the
Beijing Platform for Action and developing a special Plan of Action to
implement the concluding recommendations of the UN Committee on the Elimination
of Discrimination against Women.

has no tolerance for terrorists and joins with the nations of the world in
fighting and dealing with terrorism.

are an inclusive society and welcome all people regardless of race, gender, belief
or sex. However, the safety of our people is paramount and we would not
tolerate or condone any beliefs or actions which threaten the safety and
harmony of our beloved Republic.

free and fair society of Bulgaria provides for equal access to education and
health (both mental and physical), by all its citizens male and female. We understand
the vital role that women play in nurturing, preserving, and propagating our society
and are committed to improving maternal and child health as evidence by our
National Program for Improving Maternal and Child Health, geared toward
achieving the Health 2020 agenda and a healthier Bulgaria by 2020.

of any form must be dealt with expeditiously and unequivocally. Bulgaria is
committed to ensuring that sexual violence against women and children is dealt
with and eradicated.

April 2016 Bulgaria signed the Convention of the Council of Europe on
Preventing and Combating Violence against Women and Domestic Violence (Istanbul
Convention) and is fully committed to its implementation through the adoption
of special legislative measures and the development of relevant policies and
programs to prevent and combat violence against women and girls in all its

wishes to state that it will adopt similar approaches to issues of gender in terrorism,
and believes that addressing local issues of gender and terrorism would go a
long way to dealing with international issues and the factors that contribute
to women and children participating in terrorism.

are clear in our minds that a multidimensional, multinational approach is the
best way to deal with the gender issues in terrorism. We are willing and ready
to lend our support to whichever decisions promote this agenda. We call on all
nations to commit similarly to bridging the gender gap and to intensify efforts
in dealing with gender-based violence, maternal and child health, education and

encourage member states to keep vigilant and to be diligent in their pursuit of
eradicating the terrorist threat