The of “Sweeney Todd” to be when Todd finds

The introduction of Tim Burton.

As quoted from the man himself: “One
person’s craziness is another person’s reality.”

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Going back to 1982, starting out as an
apprentice at Walt Disney Productions, he began developing his skills and
becoming familiar with what are now known as his famous film techniques. His
carefully executed focus and point-of-view shots, as seen in ‘Alice in
Wonderland’, where Alice sees a drink on the table and the camera focuses on
the glass is typical of this director. This created dimensional tension and
allows the scene to go out of focus, and characterises this director’s creative
ability to arouse emotion in the viewer.

Through his well-known determination
and creativity, he was able to direct his very first film. This was a six
minute, black-and-white, stop-motion film based on a poem about a young boy who
fantasized about being his hero. This is where many recognised his devotion to
film-making, where hours and hours were utilised to manipulate objects in a
time-lapse sequence to create a film as if the object itself were moving.

Outgrowing his apprenticeship and
unknowingly making this own film-making trademarks, he was able to obtain the
privilege of being awarded a Golden Globe Award in 2008 for “Sweeney Todd” as
Best Motion Picture Film. Many individuals pronounce the best scene of “Sweeney
Todd” to be when Todd finds himself engulfed in fascination with razors – which
is characteristic of the director’s interest in creating dark scenes. The
close-up viewing of Todd’s face sets knowledge of his revenge and the scene
ends in the camera panning back towards the London skyline in a glorious wide shot.

As the saying goes: “Once you have a
taste of success, you strive for more”. And so did this talented director too,
develop a hunger. This resulted in seventeen different film category award
nominations between the years of 1990 and 2013; of which he was awarded ten.

Since the early stages of his career,
this director has been able to inspire others with his spontaneous and
charismatic personality as well as his artistic mind. I for one can say that
this man’s patience, kindness, and his sensitive yet intense personality had
made a tremendous impact in my life. I now try and live my life as he has
lived, and is living his. With kindness, creativity, humour and his undying
spirit, love and passion for the things he loves. I present to you, none other
than the talented Tim Burton who delicately expresses: “movies are like an
expensive form of therapy for me.”