The of education. Prognosis is easier on early detection

            The aim of this paper is to help my
client to abstinence from substance abuse during pregnancy, give information on
complications and how she can manage it. Substance abuse in pregnancy has high-risk
complications. It is a real challenge for health care providers (HCP’s) to give
health education on so many aspects of prenatal care, nutrition, various
treatment methods, and maternal and fetal risks. In fact, substance abuse is more common among women in their
reproductive age (18-44) than other population due to their lower incomes or
lower levels of education. Prognosis is easier on early detection of substance
abuse.  Especially during pregnancy
period, they need proper care, support, and adequate health care provision. The
complication of this substance abuse during pregnancy is more complicated than
in non-pregnant stage.  Substance abuse during pregnancy causes maternal
problems as well as poor childhood development and health. The incidence of the
substance varies in each individual. She allowed her boyfriend to get involved in the treatment
plan. Our team has developed programs for her regarding maternal and fetal consequences
due to drugs, how to maintain weight and nutritional status, periodic health
screening and checkup, and importance of increased
knowledge of pregnancy and complications, attitudes and
self-efficacy on healthy living practices. She is now aware of the consequences of substance
abuse in pregnancy and willing to abandon bad habits and desires to maintain a
good health for her baby. Able to give proper information/health education on
various aspects of substance abuse helps them to make a good decision.


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Women’s substance abuse is positively correlated with their surroundings
and childhood experiences. Bad peer influences also help them to use the
substance initially and gradually they become addict to drugs. For an instance
pleasure, they are taking all these high-risk habits. Stress, easy availability
of alcohol and other substance, identity/self-esteem problems, psychosocial
problems are other factors. On detailed discussion with her, she was the victim
of child abuse and she is the member of the broken family. She was living in
high-risk environments characterized by insecurity, poverty, separated family
and other psychological issues.