The of Children and Youth Services and is among

Children’s Aid Society (CAS) of Hamilton is a
not-for-profit organization that, by law, is required to shield children from
physical, sexual, and psychological mistreatment and disregard.


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The CAS helps to
protect children in their particular environment and to build healthy families by
working with guardians to address concerns and resolve issues that effect on a
child’s wellbeing and prosperity. The Society gives safe, supporting situations
for youngsters as well that cannot inhabit home for short term and long term periods.


The Children’s Aid
Society (CAS) of Hamilton was built up in 1894 as a not-for-profit beneficent
association concentrating on the prosperity and security of kids. The Society
is ordered under The Child and Family Services Act of Ontario and, is required
to protect children from physical, sexual and psychological mistreatment, and
damage. It is funded by the Ontario government, through the Ministry of
Children and Youth Services and is among 46 children aid organizations across

The society consider
protecting children as their primary responsibility and as well as their need.
They endeavour to do this by cooperating with guardians, more distant family,
group experts, and different individuals from the group to diminish destructive
conditions and address territories of concern. In an extensive number of
circumstances, the Society gives administrations and backings to children and
families in their own particular homes. Child Protection Workers counsels and
plan with different experts who know the child, for example, educators, doctors,
general wellbeing medical caretakers, and other group partners to address quick
issues and set up an arrangement for future administration, and additionally
enable families to assemble a network of support to help in their ability to
give suitable care.

Plan and Analysis

The CAS is one of the
old organizations and it has reviewed its strategic plan in 2016 for five year
planning until 2021. Its progress is guided by the society’s mission. The
planning process initiated in October 2015 and engaged staff, management,
board, youth, foster families, volunteers and key community stakeholders. In
total, about 500 points of contact gave profitable contribution into the future
course of the Society. Subsequently the plan was sketched down based on
response to highlight five strategic priorities: Our Children, Youth &
Families; Our Staff, Foster Parents & Volunteers; Our Partners; Internal
Systems; and Financial.

v  Mission

 Furthermore, the Mission of the organization
states: The Children’s Aid Society of Hamilton, in partnership with families
and our community, is committed to the safety, protection, and well-being of
children and the strengthening of families, while valuing diversity and
promoting equity.

v  Vision

A community where every
child is a gift to be valued, nurtured, and kept safe.

v  Strategy

The society consists of
a scoreboard which checks its progress from time to time and also looks into
the areas where improvement is required. As according to the new strategy set
up the society measures its progress in meeting its strategic needs by methods
for an adjusted scorecard approach that will be introduced to the Society’s
Board of Directors each fall.

With the view of
youngster welfare advancing, it was vital for the Society to have an
arrangement set up that was produced in view of the contribution of partners,
and created with the capacity to report back to those same people on the
organization’s advance in meeting its expected objectives. The
2016/17 Scorecard , which serves as the first of five yearly scorecards sets up
a benchmark for the estimation of advance throughout the following four years.
Due to the multi-year nature of the arrangement, not all ventures are finished
toward the finish of the principal year.

The few main steps of
the plan include as follows:

Improve and protect the well-being of
children and families

Support, appreciate and empower our
staff, foster families and volunteers

Build, collaborate and strengthen  partnerships within our communities to meet
the needs of children and families

Work efficiently and effectively by
planning, investing in technologies and ensuring high standards of governance,
accountability and transparency

Responsibly steward, attract and
consolidate scarce resources


v  Values

Their values includes
as following:

Children – Children developing to their
maximum capacity inside a protected and sound condition and positive,
changeless connections for kids and youth.

Families – The fundamental part of
family in the lives of kids.

Partnerships – Respectful communication
and coordinated effort with kids, families, office associates, and group.

Quality Service – Individual integrity,
quest for professional greatness, progressive way to deal with administrations
delivery and effective and proficient utilization of resources.


In my perspective The
Children’s Aid Society is putting its best foot forward in order to protect
children and build healthy families where children are completed shielded and
can live happily in their environment. The society provides a wide range of
programs and services to assist children and support the families within the
community. Moreover, I think that CAS should also look into the education of
the children and should also consider and help children and families which come
from rural areas. 

Thus, in my opinion the
plan has a positive and inspiring impact as the organization is looking after
the children’s welfare including the adoption cases as well which is a good
start for building healthy community. In addition, there is a link between the
strategies but more is to be still achieved by the society in the coming years
as mentioned according to their planning criteria of five years until 2021.
They look forward to improve themselves by analysing their previous year
scoreboards which is one of the good implementation strategies.