The normal society after the war is over, he

The war shattered youthful innocent, forcing them to mature and survive abruptly. Paul Baumer and his comrades is represented as the “lost generation.” Kropp thought after the war is over, he would have nothing left. The war has scarred them. Kropp stated, “The war has ruined us for everything.” (Kropp 87)Kropp couldn’t continue to function in a normal society after the war is over, he couldn’t ignore what he been through and seen in the war. Paul Baumer  and his comrades couldn’t think of anything to look forward to when the war is over.  Paul used confused and hopeless, “All at once everythings seems to me confused and hopeless.” (Baumer 87) To put an emphasis on how the war really mess them , emotionally. This shown that they don’t know what to do,  as if they couldn’t continue on to live a normal life and put the past behind them.          Traumatize incidents that the soldiers experience have a great impact on them. Paul Baumer sat next to Kemmerich’s bed when,”Kemmerich’s face changes colour,it lifts from the pillow and is so pale that it gleams…Suddenly Kemmerich groans and begins to gurgle.” (Baumer 31) Paul Baumer  have seen many soldiers died before him but seeing his childhood friends slowly died in the dressing station really struck him. The new soldier couldn’t fathom how people survive with explosions around them and still be sane, “The first recruit seems actually gone insane.” (Baumer 89) The newcomer thought fighting for their country will be glorious and majestic  by what the schoolmaster told them. They experience and are now emotionally scar.            The soldiers  are broken and strip down of what they believe,nothing else matter to the soldiers but survival . Paul Baumer used “wild beast” to show the reader their primal and raw instinct, “We have become wild beasts.” (Baumer 113) The soldiers  had seen too much of the war and they can’t use reason or other skill on the battlefield and come out of it alive. Despite feeling so broken they will become anything to survive and come out of the war alive. By questioning how they aren’t dead yet, show the soldier believe the luck they had for staying alive, “We are insensible, dead men, who through some trick, are able to run and kill.” (Baumer 116) The soldiers had notice their mental physical deterioration by what they had detect during the war. They had became numb to what they had witness and done in the war. This show that they can’t stop killing under any circumstances, they had to kill or be killed.