The no one else to take care of me,

The year is 2096. The worst year of my life. Some close seconds include 2095, 2094, 2093, 20… well, you get the idea. Every year of my life has been terrible. My name is Tahra Dactyl. Considering the fact that I am writing to those of you in the year 2017, that is probably a weird name to you guys, but in the year 2096, it’s completely normal. I am going to tell you a little about myself, so you know why I am treated the way that I am. I am about 14 centigenlopes tall, which is the future equivalent to six foot eleven inches. I have gypcolesk color hair and eyes, which is the color of sea green in the future. Finally, I have light gopus skin, or light blue. Now, everybody in the future is the same. Except for me. I’m different, which is bad where I come from. The people in this year are all 6 centigenlopes tall, which is around 3 feet, everybody has brown eyes and hair, and everybody has yellow skin. Now that you know the situation that I am in, I will tell you all my story.My parents were killed in an accident involving testing self-driving cars in the year 2081, the year after I was born. I had no one else to take care of me, so I lived in my own little shack in Quoppes, Kathoop, which is the 72nd state of the United States. I go to school at Goodenough High School with some of the worst kids on the planet, including Dyl Pyckle. He hates me and I hate him. He always bullies me about my height and everything else. The thing that bugs me is that no one stands up for me or even cares. But I am the son of an engineer and a scientist, and I was determined to prove Dyl Pyckle and his group of rascals wrong. So that’s what I did. In the month of Gerberary of the year 2096, I was getting closer than ever to finishing my project. Now you’re probably wondering what this crazy project is that would prove everybody wrong about me. Well, my plan was to build a time machine and travel to the year 4045 and take a picture of it with my IPhone 257, then bring it back to 2096, and show it to everyone. Then, they would be jealous of my time machine and they would want to try it themselves, which would leave them on their knees begging. Why the year 4045, you ask? I chose this year because that is the year that planet Jupiter will split into two planets due to gravitational pull of other planets, and I really want to witness that. I knew this because of all the scientific research my mother left behind when she died, and I finished. But little did I know when I was making this plan, that 4045 is the same year that the world will end.Dyl Pyckle is very mean to me. He is always making unbearable “jokes” about my parents, height, skin, hair, and other things like that. I don’t blame him though because I know he has had a tough life and he wants to take his anger out on me, the only person that he can because everybody else is the same as him. I heard stories about how his dad left his family and his mom is in jail for drug dealing. He stays at his aunt’s house is an only child. He is a super popular kid at school and he loves sports, has many friends, and gets all the girls. I am a little jealous of him because I am just a nerd and I don’t even have one friend. But it’s okay because one day I was going to show everybody why I was more than that.My parents died when I was 14 months old. But that doesn’t stop me from talking with them every day of my life. Every night, I climb to the roof of my shack and talk with them. They give me advice about bullies, school, and just stuff like that. I am not sure if they are actually there or not, but I can see them and communicate with them, so as far as I am concerned, they are there. The night before I was planning on activating my time machine, I was talking with my parents on my roof. They told me not to go to the future. They said to destroy the machine and deal with my problems the hard way. I was going to take their advice and not go, until the next day at school.I was walking to my locker to get my stuff for magic class, when Dyl Pyckle and his stupid friends came up to me and shouted, “Hey Tahra Craptyl! Did your dead parents tell you to be a tall, no good loser last night on your beat up roof on the dump you call a house?” Everybody in the hallway started laughing. That hit me hard. I dropped my stuff right where they were and I ran. I ran all the way home. I turned on my time machine and set the year for 4045. I closed the door and it launched me right there. I couldn’t believe that it worked. I stepped out of the machine. A burst of heat struck me. I saw a horrific sight. It was Jupiter. It exploded when it split into two. The largest planet in the solar system made of a bunch of gas that humans couldn’t breathe in, was about to flood into the Earth’s atmosphere. I realized that the world was about to end. The human race would become extinct. I turned to my time machine and it was gone. When I shut the door it must have gone back to 2096. It was that moment that I knew that I was going to die.I then looked around and saw that there were no people or houses anywhere. It was just desert and sagebrush. I took out my IPhone 257 and looked up the population of Kathoop. It said zero. I then looked up the population of the U.S. and it said zero again. I did the same thing with the whole Earth and I got the same result. I just found out that humans are already extinct. Either that, or they knew that the Earth was going to end so they went somewhere else. The gases were getting closer to coming into Earth’s atmosphere. I was determined not to die. Just then I realized that my time machine is made out of Chorquenposarium, the 478th element of the periodic table. This element reflects all foreign gases, and since all of the future air or oxygen is not familiar to the element, the machine reflected that and made it invisible. I started feeling around and found the time machine. I got inside when there was a thunderous bowl that burst through the air. The Jupiter gas just broke the Earth’s atmosphere and was rushing in. I quickly set the year for 2096 and closed the door. I was then launched back into the past. But then I realized something. I set the year for 1096 on accident and was launched too far into the past. That was a huge problem because the time machine was made for only one trip to my destination and back. I was stuck in the past.I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know what to do. I always know what to do. I was stuck. I was sitting inside my time machine crying, when I started to choke. I couldn’t breathe. Some of the gas from 4045 must have got inside my time machine when I closed to door. I was about to die. I then realized a magic trick I had once learned from my magic class. I could clear my throat and lungs of any foreign acids and then create an invisible gas mask-like thing that would prevent the gases from coming in. This was for if I got sick. I then did the trick and I could breathe again. But I still had a bigger problem. I was still stuck in 1096.I went to work trying to reset or fix my time machine to bring me back to 2096. While I was busy working on my time machine, the gases that I released into the air when I performed my magic trick were destroying the Earth. The trees started dying and the plants shriveled up. Even the people were affected and they died. I fixed my time machine and that is when I realized what I did. In a couple hours all of the signs of life were gone. Except for me. I still had my mask on. I got into my time machine, set it for 2096, (I made sure this time) and closed the door.I was about to reach 2096 when the machine went unstable and I cracked a hole in the space-time continuum. The past is something that you should never mess with. Things and people started flying into 2096. Many dead corpses and trees from the gases flew into 2096, along with the gases themselves. This destroyed all of the Earth and its people, except for the students at Goodenough High School. This is because these students knew how to do the same trick as me. It was just us. The only ones on the whole Earth. It was depressing. Especially for me. Knowing that I caused all of this pain and misery for all of the people alive and even for those who suffered a very painful death because of me was a huge burden for me to bear for the rest of my life. My parents would no longer communicate with me. I was constantly thinking that I couldn’t go on with my life. I was right. I couldn’t go on. So I took off my mask and died the same death as everybody else that I caused to suffer. I was in a better place. The same place as I am now writing to all of you guys who are reading this right now. I am with my parents and my younger brother that my mother was pregnant with when she died. I still can’t bear the burden of knowing that I was the cause of the extinction of the whole human population. But I am going to live with that decision of choosing to prove everyone wrong by messing with time. Well, that’s not true. I can’t live with that decision because I am dead, but you know what I mean.Now you are probably wondering why I chose to write to you. I wrote to you because I wanted to give you a message. A message that I never received. A message that Dyl Pyckle never received. Message that nobody at Goodenough High School received. An important message that applies to three types of people. I know, you are probably screaming, “Tahra! Tahra! Tell me the oh-so important message that you are talking about!” The message is if you are ever feeling bullied, face your problem and never think that there is another way, because there is not. If you are bullying someone, please stop because it destroys them and makes them feel like they are worth nothing. Never bully anyone for any reason, no matter what. And finally, if you ever see anyone being bullied or picked on for any reason including race, height, or religion, stand up for those people because that would mean so much to them. I know from the experience of not having anybody to stand up for me, and look where that got me. Also, don’t hesitate to be different than everybody else. Please, I am begging you to do these things because you could change the world.