The new, open, and free country became a motherland

The American Civil War (1861 – 1865) commonly known as the War between States was the one of the most vital steps on the way to American independence and prosperity for the country of America. From the very first strides the new, open, and free country became a motherland and home for people of different countries, origins, religions and color. For this purpose, there were not just white people who were fighting in the civil war, but people from other nations and people of different color. There were also many black people called African Americans who fought during the War between States or Civil War. The American Civil War was a significant key turning point for the Black African race where the White people fostered a climate of superiority and supremacy of their race over the Black African race. A very important part of people from African American ancestry was proving themselves and what that was of the Black Man acting as a soldier in the Civil War. During the Civil War the primary decision to use Blacks as soldiers in the Union Army was a shown to be a very steady and gradual process including a series of strategic political and economic decisions. The actual management of Blacks as soldiers in the Union Army of the Civil War was completed by a series of actions that the Black Man performed that won him the respect of becoming a soldier and fighting during the war. These two situations differ because of  President Lincoln’s benefit to enlist Blacks as soldiers when he did. But in a different view,  the later was the soldier or Black Man’s will to fight for his freedom and prove himself as an equal human being. Nevertheless, because the Black population was restricted from entering the army under a 1792 law, the Black Man was not officially recognized as a soldier of the Civil War until late 1862.All of the soldiers faced many distinct problems during the American Civil War but African American soldiers were struggling additional problems that were created by racial prejudice and bias. Through the political actions of President Lincoln and his administration, Black Africans set a precedent for their freedom, equality and liberation. It was President Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation that allowed African Americans to become soldiers of the Union Army. It happened in the year 1862. Before that date, many people of color wanted to become a part of the Union Army, yet they did not have a chance to, they were banned and were not able to be a part of the union army due to the federal law. This law dated back to the year 1792 and only lasted for a short 70 years. On July 17, 1862 Congress passed two acts that gave admittance and allowance for the enlistment of Blacks in the Army, but these acts were left ignored. The War Department continuously turned Blacks away when they tried to sign up to fight.  In the Following months of September of 1862, Abraham Lincoln passed the Emancipation Proclamation which declared that, “slaves within any State, or designated part of a State… in rebellion … shall be…, thenceforth and free forever” (Knight, Carson, 1997, 1). This law liberated around 3,120,000 Blacks from harsh and savage conditions. After this law Blacks were finally able to enlist in the Union armies and train to fight.The same President Abraham Lincoln was afraid that if he would fulfill and authorize the black people recruitment, a and if his set didn’t go through then many of Border States could start separating themselves from the Union. By the time when  the Civil War finished around 180,000 African American soldiers became a part of the Union Army and fought together and interspersed with white people. The Emancipation Proclamation (1863) intentionally freed all of the slaves in Confederate held colonies and territory. As the proclamation was established its provisions were more fundamental in their implications that that of the enrollment of the blacks into military forces. Primarily Union army refused to accept black volunteers because the administration feared that whites not be willing to fight alongside blacks. However, this began to change and the army slowly began enlisting in the end of 1861 where slaves served as cooks and laborers. These preliminary steps to enlist were taken in the South United States or confederate land in 1862. The true enrollment of slaves began only after the Emancipation Proclamation was established. The Emancipation Proclamation allowed freedom for the confederate or southern slaves after the war but did not include border states.In the history of the United States, African Americans have always been discriminated against. When Africans first came to The United States, they were taken against their will and forced to work as laborers. They became slaves to the affluent, materialistic and greedy Americans. They were given no pay and often in terrible condition due to beating and whipping. African Americans fought for their freedom up until the Civil War and yet it was still never given to them. When the Civil War began, they wanted to take part in fighting to free all slaves of their kind. Their possibility to be soldiers and fight alongside white men equally did not come easily, but eventually African Americans proved themselves able to withstand the heat and intensity of battle and fight as true American heroes. As previously stated the african americans did eventually have the ability to fight in the war but that didn’t mean everything was immediately turned into a perfect, liberated and utopian  world. The black soldiers were willing to fight bravely and with pride for their freedom during the Civil War even though they were treated as an inferior to the white and were discriminated against by white colonists. A total of 180,000 African American men fought in the Civil War; 37,000 were killed in action and seventeen were awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor. But regardless of hard they fought and no matter how many lives the brave black men saved, there were always colonists in both the north and south who doubted them and their abilities, didn’t care or show empathy for their strong potential and did not give them the respect they deserved. But yet, they continuously fought with determination, dignity and pride until the end, and along the way gained the respect and admiration of many people.  In the end Black soldiers proved that they were equal to whites.African american involvement during the civil war helped to shift a greater focus and awareness on the idea of freedom which led to more social and political changes as the civil war came to an end. freed slaves played an important role in the union’s victory but failed to gain immediate protection of their rights in the south. from 1870 and onward blacks suffered great racial discrimination although they were already freed from the suffering bandage of slavery. Without the involvement of african americans america would not be as it is today.