The nation to have a say on who should

Republic of the Philippines is a unitary, presidential, representative, and
democratic republic, wherein the President is both the head of state and
government (Sawe B., 2017). As a democratic republic, the citizens are where
the ultimate authority and power are derived from (Spunky Pundit, 2013). As
such, the people are the one who have the power to decide and appoint the
officials who will run the government. This done through a process known as an
election. Election, according to Encyclopedia Britannica, is the official
procedure of choosing a person for public office by voting. Citizens of the
nation, who are of legal age, are given a chance to vote for whoever they wish
to lead the government. Although this age-old practice was practiced since the
time of Ancient Athens and the Roman Empire, the origin of elections in the
contemporary society started in the 17th century. It is the time
when the holistic of representation distinguishing the Middle Ages was
converted into a more individualistic conception, one that made the individual
to be the critical unit that is counted. As time progressed, people who seek
full democracy favored the advocacy of universal adult suffrage. In the
beginning, only men were allowed to vote however, with the rise of advocates of
women suffrage, women were eventually allowed to vote as well (Gibbins R.,
Eulau H., Webb P.D., 2015). Democracy came to be as an opposition to the belief
of the absolute rule of a monarch. As Democracy was established so did the
process of election. Elections were held in order for the citizens of the
nation to have a say on who should be the people in the government and how the
government should be run. The process of election is held in order to ensure
that the government is of the people, for the people, and by the people.
However, in every election that we have, issues of electoral abuse always arise,
such as vote buying and propaganda issues. Thus we dive into one of the main
problems about election: “Is our election process really fair?” In my opinion,
our election process is not fair.