The message to each church to address immorality issues

book of Revelation, written by John, is a symbolic vision that reveals a
heavenly perspective on history events of its final outcome. In chapter 1-3, John
describes the urgency of the message where he received the revelation on the
Island of Patmos from spirit – the end of the world is in God’s hand. He saw a
vision of Jesus is holding seven stars and seven lampstands, which means to
shine the seven churches in Asia. Next, John delivers the message to each church
to address immorality issues and provide advices to drive them to repent before
the Day of Judgment.

            In chapter 4-5, John saw God seated
on the throne with a scroll sealed with seven seals, which symbolize that the
message of the prophets is true about how God’s kingdom will come fully on
earth as it is in heaven. Only the scarifying bloody lamb – Jesus Christ – can
open the scroll.

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In chapter 6-11, there is three sets of
seven divine judgments, which are seven seals, seven trumpets, and seven bowls.
The seven seals symbolizes the wars, conquest, famine, and death, which are the
tragedy depicted human history. John then heard the 144,000 of Israel were
sealed in the 12 tribes, and he saw the messianic army of God’s kingdom from
all nations by suffering and witnessing the Jesus as the Lamb. After that, the
seven trumpets had to be blown: five trumpets brought disaster and plague with
the fire failing from the sky; the sixth trumpet releases the four housemen.
Despite of these plagues, the nations did not repent. Then, John was told that
two prophets will arise to preach the word of God in Jerusalem, but will be
killed after 1,260 days by the beast. God will revive the prophets and attack
Jerusalem with vigorous earthquake. As the seventh trumpet blown, his covenant
will reign with him forever. 

chapter 12-17, it begins with the woman and the dragon. Satan is the dragon who
launched the rebellion against God, and the woman is the child of Jesus saved
and brought to heaven. Next, John uses a beast to represent the Roman emperor,
that the forces of evil from Satan make war on the saints. He then saw three
angels spilled out the blood of the wicked, as a final punishment for those
false worshippers are thrown into lake of fire. Seven angels appeared with
emptied seven bowls of God’s wrath, of the people did not repent of their

In chapter 18-22, John is shown that the
fall of Babylon punished together with the wicked. After this, he heard there
is loud voice of angels in heaven praise and worship that Jesus is his “bride”.
For period of a thousand years, Satan and devil will thrown into the lake of
fire. After the Day of Judgment, John saw the vision of “new heaven and new
earth,” that God will come soon to reward the righteous and punish the evil.