The measure the level of parenting styles of mothers.

The study by
Selcuk and Yavuz (2018) was conducted to examine any potential correlation
between the style of parenting, and the way parents feed their children as
likely predictors for obese/overweight preschoolers as well as the child’s temperament.

The research of 61 normal weight preschoolers (29 girls and 32 boys), and 61 in
the obese/overweight preschoolers (29 girls and 32 boys) in Turkey
Specifically, 13 obese children (4 girls and 9 boys), and 48 overweight children
(25 girls and 23 boys). The age of the participants ranged from five to six
years old. The data was a self-report journal, which was kept by the mothers of
the preschoolers with the combination of the parenting styles (authoritative/authoritarian),
the parental feeding practices (restrictive, pressure to eat, and monitoring),
and the child’s temperament (negative affect). Both parents of the children
completed a form of demographic information including, their child’s age, their
educational statue, and their height and weight, which were used to calculate
the parents’ BMI. They also completed a Child-Feeding Questionnaire for measuring
the maternal behavior regarding the type of control they have over their child’s
eating, and a Parenting Styles and Dimensions Questionnaire, to measure the
level of parenting styles of mothers. In addition, there were conducted home
visits to measure the child’s height and weight, and to collect the completed
questionnaires. It was concluded that there wasn’s a sex
differenced in the variables of the results. The research supported their hypothesis, that
the style of parenting as well as the feeding practices of the parent would be
a factor to the status of a child’s weight. Authoritarian parenting has the most
effect for childhood obesity/overweight problems, and pressure to eat had the
most influence. There was a significant amount of authoritarian
parenting for the obese/overweight children, than those of the normal weight

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