The may be of recent origin. Social security conveys

The concept of social
security has evolved over a period of time. In the primitive societies it was
mankind’s struggle against insecurity to protect himself from the caprices of
nature or finding the basic necessities of day today life. Later, Joint family
system took care of the social security needs. With the rapid industrialization,
there was a break up of family setup destructing the traditional system
resulting in the need of a formal system of social security. Therefore, the
concept of social security kept evolving and widening as there is no commonly
accepted definition of the term.1 Hence
this chapter attempt to analyze the origin of the term social security, its meaning
and conceptual evolution

security is essential for the well-being of people and society. It is a basic
human right (though not one of the constitutional fundamental rights), and its
fulfillment will contribute to achieving various developmental goals of the
nation.2 The
concept of social security is very old, though the terms, the laws and
institutions built around it in order to institutionalize the concept may be of
recent origin. Social security conveys a meaning that necessitates a security
in the society in case of contingencies. 3
but it also extends to security by state in case of contingencies.

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term “Social Security “was first officially used in the title of the united
states legislation-the Social Security Act of 1935-even though  this Act initiated progammes to meet the risk
of old age, death, disability and unemployment only.  It appeared again  in an Act passed in New Zealand in 1938  which brought together a number of existing
and new social security benefits. It was in 1941 in the wartime documents known
as the Atlantic Charter. The ILO was quick to adopt the term, impressed by its
value as a simple and arresting expression of one of the deepest and most
widespread aspirations of people all around the world.4

term social security, its meaning, its denotation and connotation are vague

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3 Contingencies
include the following: (a) unemployment, (b) sickness, (c) maternity, d)
invalidity, € old age, (f) death, (g) emergency expenses etc. See Report of National Commission on Labour
II, Chapter 8, para 54

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