The many years.The Sikh Empire was formed by the

 The Sikh Empire had ruled the Indian subcontinent for many years.The Sikh Empire was formed by the son of Mahan Singh, Maharaja Ranjit Singh.The Maharaja formed this magnificent empire to influence the good versus the bad.He used his power as the Maharaja to dethrone corrupt muslim and hindu leaders.The Lion of Punjab formed Punjab into, “The State For All.”Sadly all good things always come to an end.The British, one of the Maharaja most trusted backers, betrayed him and his empire and also formed corrupt leaders within the Sikh Empire.They also put Maharani Jind Kaur, the mother of Duleep Singh, behind bars because the British knew the type of power she had and how easily she could have influenced the people of Punjab to rise again and take back Punjab.However, the Maharajas own blood also played a role in the demise of the Sikh Empire.     The British were loyal to Ranjit Singh.They helped with supplying guns and even helped protect Punjab.Sadly, the British were just setting up in Punjab, forming camps and trading post only waiting for the right time to strike.The British knew Ranjit Singh was a powerful leader and that they would stand no chance against him.So they waited until his death.Right after the death of Ranjit Singh, they began to stop supplying the Sikh Empire with guns and commenced the Sikh Anglo Wars.In addition to this, the British even began to make relations with muslim leaders.Moreover, the British also poisoned high ranking officials with riches to betray their own brotherhood.     Even after everything the British did, there one someone who still had the power and energy to bring back the Sikh Empire.There was still a woman who could bring back the Sikh Empire even after everything that was done to it.However, the British quickly silenced her.     Even through the empire of the Sikhs was a huge disorderly mess.There was still a powerful leader who wanted to see the Sikh empire dominate and rise again.Her name was Maharani Jind Kaur.Maharani Jind Kaur was Duleep Singh’s mother.She was also extremely well at making motivational speeches.This all made her a huge bump in the road for the British.The British knew she could easily silence the them with extravagant energy and actually lead the Sikh Empire back to victory.So before it was to late, the British attacked declaring the second Sikh Anglo War and locked up the Maharani in a facility in which no one could see or contact her.They even kept her away from Maharaja Duleep Singh for thirteen and a half years so that the young Maharaja would not grow up to be like his mother or father.   The British had a lot to do with the demise of the Sikh empire, but they had a lot of help from the sons of the lion himself.     The Maharajas sons were nothing like their father.They all let the fortunes and fame get to their heads.Most of them drank frequently and Kharak Singh, the eldest, even immersed himself in opium.Kharak SIngh also went against his religion and found himself womanizing. He also neglected state affairs and almost never did anything revolving his empire himself.Second to the throne was Sher Singh.Sher Singh had great relations with his army, but was a terrible politician.He also lacked to stay connected with who was apart of his empire which lead to his death.The line continued until the role of ruling a whole empire landed in the hands of five year old, Duleep Singh, the Maharajas youngest son.Duleep could simply barley sleep alone, let alone rule a whole empire.Due to this the British found a weak link and attacked which led to the falling of The Sikh Empire.     In conclusion the British had a lot to do with the fall of the Sikh Empire.They did everything in their power power to subdue the Sikh Empires rule over Punjab.They firstly stopped supplying the Sikh Empire with valuable resources.They secondly had people set up inside the Sikh Empire to do their bidding.They even locked up the one opposing force who could actually do something for years without any contact from the outside.Moreover the British kept the young Maharaja, Duleep Singh far away from Punjab so that the residents of Punjab had no hope left in trying to take back their beloved country.Even with everything the British did, they had a helping hand from the Maharajas own family.The Maharajas sons were all careless and could simply not handle the overwhelming experience of controlling an entire empire.