The Management • Support for GACT (Global Anti-Virus Team)

The CI/OSR1-SG group is responsible for
server operations (Build & Run) in Computer Center Singapore, Datacenter
Suzhou, remote locations and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) Server services
of the Bosch IoT Cloud (BIC) in Asia Pacific. According to global support concept,
CI/OSR1-SG supports server operations in other regions with worldwide server
operation team in CI/OSB and CI/OSR3-AM. The tasks comprise:

Windows server operations

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Linux/Solaris server operations

server operations

server operations

• Server
hardware operations


The CI/OSR2-SG group is responsible for SAP
ERP Operation, SAP File Service Operation in Asia Pacific, UC4/Automic
administration and OMS (Output Management System) Administration. They operate
as part of a global team together with CI/OSOx, CI/OSA1, CI/OSA2 and

also lead SAP Printing Competence specific for SAP Printing topic for RB


CI/OSR3-SG group is responsible for support
of Bosch network perimeter security operations as well as Computing Centre
network operations. They operate as part of a global team together with

Internet Firewall

Internet HTTP Proxy

Internet DNS

Domestic Hub infrastructure in AP


• CC

• CC Interconnect

• Loadbalancer infrastructure

• NCx Firewall

• Security Zones (DMZ, ESZ)

• ACL Management

• Support for GACT (Global
Anti-Virus Team)

• Support for IT Security
infrastructure in AP

• RASVPN gateways


CI/OSR4-SG – Database Operations are the AP region
presence for the Center of Competence (CoC) on the respective Database
technologies – Oracle, MSSQL and No-SQL (e.g. MongoDB).

• They
closely cooperate – based on the same operation concepts and processes for
Databases worldwide

• They
provide local support and consult for their customer during business hours in
the region

• They
are supporting the system engineering in customer projects

• They
are fulfilling Service requests on-time and ensuring the management of Database
servers (Configuration, Capacity, Availability)


CI/OSR5-SG is responsible for planning and
operations (build, run/operation) of the network for Asia Pacific. This

services (Local Area Networks) at RB locations in Asia Pacific.

services (Wide Area Networks) including Internet VPN at RB locations in Asia


CI/OSR6-SG is responsible for planning and
operations (build, run/operation) of storage services. Tasks include:

Operation of NetApp filers

Planning and installation of NetApp filers

Replication of NetApp filers for backup purposes

Planning and implementation of TSM backup systems in Asia Pacific

Operation of Data Domain infrastructure in Asia Pacific

• File
Service Operations – Asia Pacific

• Storage Area Networks – SAN (IBM, EMC) in Asia Pacific
including archiving

CI/OSR7-SG helps customers maximize the business
results on IT Infrastructure activities – in their Asia Pacific regional data
centers and de-central locations, beginning with defining the requirements and
understanding of the Applications all the way to implementation and ensuring
extended success. Combined with the responsibility for the Housing Operations
of the Regional and Local Data Centre’s in the Asia-Pacific Region, ensuring IT
Infrastructure activity effectiveness.

Responsible for ISRL operations & Manufacturing IT in APAC (Asia-Pacific)

Coordination of the planning for OS services and installation activities at
remote locations

Acquisition of responsibility for an IT-room according to C/ISP Central
Directive “Security Stipulations for IT-rooms”

Operation of Asia-Pacific IT-rooms taking into account the necessary basic
protection (minimum safety standards)

Accompanying the customer from the development to the Go Live of its
Application for IT Hosting


CI/OSR8-SG – Operations Cloud Platforms is
responsible for the Planning and operations (Build & Run) of
Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) services of the Bosch IoT Cloud (BIC).


Service Platforms – Build-up and operation of Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)
runtime environment and setup of PaaS Base Services

Platform Management, Quality and Security

Support Service Integration & Brokering