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The IssueIn 2011, the Syrian Civil War broke out, more than 11 million Syrians have fled their home trying to escape the conflict. Around 4 million are seeking refuge in Syria’s neighboring countries and a couple million are still trying to survive inside of the country. Countries in Europe like Germany and Sweden are also trying to find room for close to a million refugees that have travelled over to Europe. Since the civil war has begun, close to half a million people have been killed. How Did This Issue StartIn the middle of March 2011, peaceful protesters took the streets in Southern Syria looking for government reforms. As the year went on, more smaller militant groups and the Syrian military were all engaged in battle to try and take power. This caused increased violence throughout the whole country of Syria. The violence has torn apart the lives of many children and their families and now they are trying to find a peaceful place to rest because they are not able to live in their houses due to the violence and the collapsed infrastructure. How Is The Civil War Affecting The Children?Millions of children have been affected because of the ongoing civil war. Many of these children have been prone to major health risks that have been brought on by poor sanitation, and lack of vaccinations and health checkups. These children are also more at risk to pneumonia because of the lack of housing. Children in Syria have to support their families which means that they have to work hard and dangerous jobs for little to no pay. Some other children are forced to go out onto the battlefield as a child soldier and many of those children end up getting killed in battle.Alan KurdiAlan Kurdi was a Syrian refugee who died when he was only three years old. His body washed up on the shore of Turkey in 2015 which soon drew global attention to the refugee crisis. Over 8,500 people have died or disappeared since the death of Alan Kurdi. Most refugees departed from Libya bound for Italy, from Turkey bound for Greece, or Morocco bound for Spain. Another 4,337 people have died between September first, 2015 and the end of August 2016. The death of Alan Kurdi has since inspired an author named Khaled Hosseini to write a short story entitled ‘Sea Prayer’ about a Syrian father and son facing an uncertain future on a boat.What Canada Is Doing NowCanada has given generously to the various international efforts to support the Syrian refugees, including those living as refugees in neighbouring countries. To date, Canada has committed over 1 billion in humanitarian, development and security assistance in response to the Syrian crisis. The Government of Canada resettled 25,000 Syrian refugees between November 2015 and February 29, 2016. This included government supported and privately sponsored refugees. Working through experienced humanitarian partners, Canada’s humanitarian assistance funding is helping to meet the food, shelter, health, protection and emergency education needs of Syrians affected by the crisis.What Other Countries Are Doing  NowRight now, Turkey is the leading country that is trying to take in the Syrian refugees but they have more refugees than they can handle at 3 million. The next country that has the most is Lebanon who have 1.1 million Syrian refugees. Almost all of the other countries near Syria are showing their multilateralism views by working together and taking in refugees to help save them from the conflict. The United States right now have admitted 18 000 refugees but they are trying to increase the number of Syrian refugees coming into the United States. International OrganizationsThere are many international organizations that work to aid Syrian refugees as well as other refugees. An example of one of them is the Karam Foundation which is a non-profit organization whose mission is to build a better future for Syria. They plan to do this by developing innovative education programs for Syrian refugee youth, distributing aid to Syrian families, and funding sustainable development projects initiated by Syrians for Syrians. Another example is Project Amal Ou Salaam. Their name means “Project Hope And Peace”. Project Amal Ou Salaam is dedicated to empowering Syria’s children, including refugees, to rebuild their country and work for peace. The UN is going into Syria and surrounding countries to try and support the refugees with the essentials they need to survive and helping to rebuild or improve their infrastructure. What Should The Countries Be Doing To HelpSince March 2011, conflict has devastated Syria. Now it is internationally recognized as the largest refugee and displacement crisis of our time. The Syrian civil war has set back the national standard of living by decades now that healthcare, schools, and water and sanitation systems have been damaged or destroyed. The countries of the world should be working together to create a plan for where Syrians can take refuge and how we can help those in need of medical, financial, and educational aid as well as those who need food and shelter.