The king. This event was the start of the

 The French Revolution took place on July 14th, 1789 to November 9th, 1799. When the prison of Bastille was raided revolution had a cause to start provoked. The revolution had many causes other than the storming of Bastille, such as King Louis XVI (the ruler of the time) spent so much money on huge parties in his palace of Versailles. In most cases spending large amounts of money can and will cause bankruptcy; in this case, Louis XVI’s habits placed France near bankrupt. due to all the money spent Louis called an estates-general meeting. This and several cases lead up to the start of the revolution. The tennis court oath was where the fed up people of the third estate said that they did not have a say in what happens to the country. Some members of the first and second estate took an oath which forced a new constitution on the king.  Louis XVI did not actually want a written constitution and created a plan to use military force against the assembly. As soon as the assembly heard of what the king was planning to do they rose up on July 14, 1789, and stormed Bastille-  a medieval fortress, armory, and political prison in Paris. This was a huge gain for the third estate because they took down a fortress that belonged to the king. This event was the start of the revolution. Shortly after the beginning of the revolution, the National assembly created the Declaration of the Rights of man, which caused a chain reaction that lead up to the cause of the revolution. After the declaration was created, women started to feel that they should have the same rights as men. The women were so enraged that they stormed Versailles, which caused the assembly and the royal family to relocate to Paris. They were both held in paris for year as somewhat prisoners. Secondly, France had a fairly large amount of war debt because they lost or participated in a number of different wars. France also tried to help the Americans in their revolution by sending soldiers, weapons, and ships to aid the people of America. With money being invested into wars, the Third Estate was struggling to pay the heavy taxes since the second and first estates declared that they did not have to pay taxes. This was one of the reasons why the Third Estate had such a hatred for the higher classes and another event which led to the need for a revolution.Then people started to notice a new way of thinking: Enlightenment philosophies. The philosophies planted a seed about the way people use to think was not the right way. The Philosophers criticized the government and how the people were treated in their books, this gave people a voice for their thoughts which caused revolts, although Philosophers that wrote the books had no intentions to start violence. There were two main Philosophers: Montesquieu and Rousseau. Montesquieu was a noble that thought a government should be divided into three separate branches: Judicial, executive, and legislative. On the other hand, Rousseau believed the people have become enslaved by the government and  needed to become free again. In conclusion the French Revolution was a turning point for the world, because  the country of France showed what not to do when their country is in hard times. The king made many mistakes during his rule such as: spending money, not listening to the people and making the country bankrupt