The it necessary for us to learn from the

The aim
of every organization or company is to increase their efficiency, profits and
qualities. These standards can only be achieved by a well structured
organization with the use of methods and approach of industrial and systems engineering.
I studied Applied Geology in my first degree, a course which taught me various
subject relating to industrial engineering, the various subjects ignited my
interest to pursue a masters degree in Industrial and systems engineering


  My interest in industrial and system
engineering made me read on various aspect of industrial and system engineering
like manufacturing, ergonomics, quality control biomechanics, and program
evaluation. Through all these my interest in industrial and system engineering
became firm and I realized my true calling.  The lagging  operations in different organizations or
company in Nigeria    makes
it necessary for us to learn from the experiences of the advanced countries and
industrial and system engineering is an industry with promising prospect

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After my
bachelors degree, I worked as a graduate trainee at a textile industry,  where I did my four weeks trainee, I was so
exposed to practical aspect of the theoretical knowledge I have acquired through
my readings like the techniques they applied in production planning and control
and operation research in manufacturing. I was also exposed to inventory
management by the company which is the number textile manufacturing company in
Nigeria  I also learnt about the various
problems being encountered when managing staffs, human needs are insatiable, staffs
needs to be treated well to enhance their efficiency After the trainee my
passion for industrial and systems engineering even grew stronger.


pursue a successful personal career in this field has become my aspiration. Under
such circumstances, I file this personal statement to your esteemed university under the hope of seeking more advanced
trainings in the field of industrial and systems engineering


A masters degree in industrial and systems engineering
will provide me with the platform to further improve and ultimately refine my
knowledge and skills in my areas of interest. After my Masters program, I would like to go back to Nigeria to impact my country the knowledge I have acquired in
this prestigious University which I know will go a long way to solving our problems
in the area of industrial and systems engineering, It will serve to give
direction to my goal of a career as a professional that proffer solutions to
industrial  problems.


I am an enthusiastic and a lucrative young man, who is
capable of rising up to the challenges that may arise. I feel that life must be
experienced; which is why I have a variety of interests, which includes,
traveling, reading and socializing. The notion of Graduate study abroad seems
like an excellent opportunity to experience diverse cultures. The prospect of
studying in North Carolina A & T state university which has a rich
blend of students of different ethnic origins and traditions truly interest me


I seek to pursue the graduate program in industrial and systems engineering in your prestigious institution the
curriculum are a blend of varied subjects which will allow me to be
fundamentally powerful yet innovative and inventive.  It is my goal to have understanding of industry
on a global scale .After studying the publications of professor Tonya Smith-Jackson
I know that if given a chance to be a student of the department,
I will be developed into a well rounded professional.


The only gap
between me and my dream actualization is the knowledge I will acquire through
this program. Hence, I am vehemently waiting to be
considered as a student in your institution.