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The popularity of various social networking applications has brought opportunities for Internet users to reuse and share things like ideas, images, datasets, videos, interests, traffic information, reviews etc. Many types of social network applications are designed to encourage the exchange of thoughts and to create a community. While the rise in the sharing of video clips in Youtube, Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram do compromise personal experiences.  However, the knowledge gained by users while carrying out the repetitive routines is locked away and is inaccessible to others. Even though we have 21st century communication infrastructure, we have no easy way to reuse or share our knowledge about how we do what we do Existing mechanisms of sharing personal experiences lack a process model that can document personal experiences in a structured and collective manner.  After the completion of a task, users can write a reflection or comment on how the task went, attach pictures, video or documents relevant to the tasks and share that with people in his/her social network. This is different from a business process which is only interested in recording when or whether a task has been executed successfully. We believe that the lack of a systematic approach for users to create, share, and reuse personal experiences in a collective learning environment is hindering our day to day productivity and unnecessarily preventing the accumulation of “crowd wisdom” that can benefit a virtual community. The project aims to provide a platform that helps in Connecting people around the globe to create and come up with stories from their experiences. These stories can be inspirational stories from their lives, a life experience, a funny moment with your friend. Every one of us have some really good stories which we would like to share with many people but we often does not find such a platform where our stories are appreciated. It helps in improving the imagination and creativity of the author since he need to form a very good story. The story submitted by an author will be reviewed to make sure that it does not contain any foul or abusive language and then it is published into the portal. Stories of different genres will be present and will be categorized accordingly. One can read a story depending upon their mood just by signing in to the app.