The information into insight. -Carly Fiorina, Former CEO of

The goal is to turn data into
information, and information into insight.

-Carly Fiorina, Former CEO of HP

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present world is surrounded by tons of data that can be extracted into useful information
and knowledge. The importance of data, its understanding and relevance in the business
world has been emphasized by experts in various fields across the globe ranging
from academics to industry experts. The challenge however, in order to derive
the hidden useful information, lies in our limited ability to manually process
these large amounts of data. The need for better tools, applications as well as
reliable methods of utilizing the data and information has fascinated me to opt
for Information Technology and Management.

the completion of my schooling, with a desire to carve out a niche for myself
in the field of Information Technology, the Information Science Engineering
course was a natural choice for my Bachelor Degree at Jain University forming
the first step in the direction of my goal. During this undergraduate course,
Software Engineering, Computer Networks and Database System were the subjects I
was most interested in and strived to gain a firm theoretical foundation in the
same. Furthermore, In order to get a hands-on experience and understand
theoretical concepts better, I decided to look for projects within the
university during my third year of studies. I found one in the department of
Information Science Engineering that was in line with my interest in Database
systems. As a team of three, we developed a Criminal Record Database Systems using oracle backend and Visual
Basic as front end that helped me gain knowledge about the nuances involved in
storage and retrieval of copious amounts of data and normalizing it. Following
this, I carried out my final year project titled “Device Diagnostics and Error Reporting on Ethernet Switching
Equipment” at Tejas Networks Pvt Ltd.,
a well-known firm in Bangalore, India. This enhanced my knowledge on in Data Structure,
C, C++, Computer Network and other business processes.

to my sheer excellence, I stood among the few recruited by Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)
in my final year of college. During my training at TCS, I got an opportunity to
increase my proficiency in technologies such as UNIX, C++ and SQL by working on
an E-commerce project. Following my training I became a part of a US Telecom
project where I independently worked on system maintenance and ensured network
availability. My performance led to the possibility of switching teams
internally and to prove my adaptability. Post 2 years of System Maintenance
job, I serve as a UNIX and C++ developer, working on Authentication and
authorization of the system built on Openstack. My sincerity and timeliness has
helped me receive appreciation from my clients and managers. A good rapport
with all my team members and good communication skills have made me stand out
as a dependable professional.

for improvement has always been my motto in all aspects of life. The same
applies to my academics and I have consistently maintained my scores throughout
my education. The qualities of confidence, team spirit and communication skills
have been instilled in me since childhood through active participation in many
academic competitions and sports tournaments. Also I have received
B-certificate under National Cadet Corps in Grade 12 and trained to be a
professional Bharatanatyam and Kathak dancer. Besides this, my participation in
Cultural events such as Dance and Yoga has won multiple awards to the
department at Jain University I continue to sharpen my soft skills at my
workplace by being an active member of the committee responsible for organising
and planning activities within the project.

intend to stay attuned with the latest principles, methods and techniques in
the fields of both technology and management that are centred on data.
Therefore, my decision to shift from a professional environment to pursue a master’s
degree in Information technology and Management at your institute/university.
My interest lies in the real-time processing and analysis of various data and information
that I believe I could achieve through this course. The breadth and depth of
the ITM curriculum and its flexibility at JSOM makes it a suitable choice. The
area of study such as Data Analytics and Cybersecurity have held my interest
which I hope to explore and excel in. Finally, crowd with varied background and
opportunity to interact with the industry experts at JSOM makes the University
a first choice.