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The United States have some things in common. But they do in fact have a lot of differences. Who is in charge of the government is very different. What type of government the countries have. Also how large the military is and there percentage of GDP. The people of the U.S have freedoms that North Korean citizens just do not have. The U.S military is also much larger and stronger the North Koreas. The United States have completely different types of governments, the U.S has a constitutional republic while North Korea has a Dictatorship. A constitutional republic is a state in which the head of state and other officials are representatives of the people. A Dictatorship is a form of government in which a country is ruled by one person or by a polity and power is exercised through various mechanisms to ensure that the entity’s power remains strong. In these governments the citizens under the United States have more freedom and the people of North Korea have very little control over their own lives. Everything is controlled for them by the North Korean government. For the United States the leader is the President. A president is elected every four years by the representatives the U.S citizens have elected. However there is split power within the government itself. North Korea is ran by a Supreme Leader. The Supreme Leader has control over every aspect of the government. The Supreme Leader of North Korea is Kim Jong-Un and the president if the United States is Donald Trump.The military aspect of both the United States and North Korea are similar. Both countries have a very high military spending budget. The United States uses 3.8 percent of its GDP on military spending, which is 554.2 billion U.S dollars. North Korea uses 20.8 percent of its GDP on military spending, which is 15 billion dollars. The United States military is much more advanced than North Korea’s.The United States and North Korea have a lot of differences. So many it is hard to say them all, both have very different types of governments and the ways the governments run the country. The United States is a much larger and more powerful country then North Korea. But somehow Kim Jong-Un thinks he is almighty and can destroy anything he wants. North Korea better be careful and not mess with the United States.