The in the basement she’s reading over her book

The Book Thief is about a young nine-year-old girl named Liesel and her family dies within the beginning of the book. She then moved to a foster home with Hans Hubermann and Rosa Hubermann. Death is the narrator focusing on deaths throughout the novel during the time period of WWII and he focuses on the life of Liesel and what crazy events that may happen. Once Liesel gets there she’s already an outcast to everybody else and she’s facing problems with building relationships, but she  built one fast with Rudy. Despite her struggles Liesel adapts being able to live in a home with her “parents” and she’s able to overcome flounders using them to get stronger mentally. Markus Zusak uses: characterization, motifs and themes within the novel. But, throughout the whole novel he uses motifs being represented with all the characters in The Book Thief. The three main motifs being portrayed is: books/writing, darkness and poverty.In The Book Thief Markus Zusak uses a variety of situations involving books and writing throughout the novel saving many people. The connection of books saved Max in the beginning of the novel. While Max is traveling; to protect him he carried around a copy of MKPF. During that time period having Hitler’s book would protect you if you were a Jew in disguise. Hans Hubermann himself was saved by writing, Erik helped save Hans life. For Hans not to go  into battle Erik nominated Hans to write the letters for the captain and all the men including Erik died in the battle. One day Lisa Hermann stopped by Himmel street and gave Liesel a blank book so, she could write in it. As Liesel began to write in the book she named the title The Book Thief, as Liesel was down in the basement she’s reading over her book she wrote during that time a bomb hit Himmel Street. Liesel was puzzled, “Why was the sky red? And why did the snowflakes burn her arms?”(Zusak, 2005, pg.533). After the bomb Liesel was confused and the weirdest part was everybody died except for Liesel. The message about this would be writing helped save Liesel’s life, if she wasn’t in the basement that night she would’ve died.Due to the time period, poverty was at an all time high because citizens had to contribute money for war efforts. Including situations where food was a problem for the Hubermanns  in their household, their family had to eat the nasty pea soup on a regular basis. Liesel would tell how Lisa Hubermann makes bad soup because she’s a bad cook based off and how “terrible” it was.(Zusak, 2005, p.212). This explains how their family plays a role in poverty during this time period not being able to have a variety of food to choose from everyday. The benefit from eating the soup would be the Hubermanns not starving because they would have pea soup everyday. Another example in the book that shows poverty would be Liesel and her family need to do Frau Hermann’s laundry so, they can get money to live off from it. She informed to Liesel that Rosa doesn’t have to her laundry anymore and Liesel herself knew that they were barley living off paychecks from doing laundry. (Zusak, 2005, 249-250). Liesel knew she blew the chance of them doing their laundry because her mom has lost many clients, not to say that they were already poor before war came to their country.