The in Rome which is quite interesting in the

The first designer that I was influenced about
his marvellous­­ work is Alex Katz. His movement was pop-art and this lead him
to continue his journey on new revolution of realism. Alex is known for his
efficient art works such ad sculpting, painting and print making according to
some recent researches he collaborated his magnificent compositions with poets
and writers to produce a several marking editions. Alex has the ability to
combine his work with a spiritual message to create a sense of felling at the
art piece. He also exhibits more than one hundred and fifty solo exhibitions
and reached five hundred group exhibitions throughout European and in the U.S.
His art collection is never-ending in museum of different national touring
institutes are worldwide, including the famous institute Honolulu Museum of
art, the art institute of Chicago and the museum national Centro del art in
Rome which is quite interesting in the fundamental heart of art and design.
Throughout his career Alex was rewarded many different achievements including
over 30 awards for his innovation work, some of his medals are stated at the
museum the John Simon Guggenheim. Rather than contribute his work to audience
he donated above four hundred oil paints, collages and prints. Katz was truly
inspired by Americans paintings that was the first step of his career. In
addition to his work Katz Cleary want to identify his work by his simple
techniques like clean lines, basic colour scheme and attractive design rather
than use the ability of abstract art. Katz works claimed a lot of suggestions
between the traditional movement and his technical complex ideas of arts but he
never wants to change the way he critic art impression. Therefore, Alex
represented an extremely embrace of his movement that step by step he was
declared one of the best artist with pure quality in the name on principles and
elements. However, he developed his abilities in art by sustaining and