The him food to eat, and wine to drink.

The Odyssey


of the gods except Poseidon are gathered in the palace of Zeus in Olympus. The
gods speak of how Aigisthos killed Agamemnon, and how Agamemnon’s son Orestes
killed the murderer of his father. Then Athena brings up Odysseus and his
sufferings, and the gods agree that they should send Hermes to instruct Calypso
to let Odysseus go. After that Athena takes on the form of Mentes, a family
friend of Odysseus and goes to the town of Ithaca to speak to Telemachos. She
tells Telemachos that he should call together the council and say that he
wishes to go search for his father. After the council meeting, Athena helps him
get a ship and a crew. They gather some supplies and sail out at night to find
news of Odysseus. They stop by Pylos, and Nestor takes Telemachos in, feeds
him, and tells him what he knows of the whereabouts of Odysseus. The next day
Nestor gives him horses, gifts, and his son, Peisistratos to accompany Telemachos.
At night they set out for Lacedaimon, to King Menelaos. At first, the king does
not realize that the stranger at his door is Telemachos. Nevertheless, Menelaos
takes him in, gives him food to eat, and wine to drink. Helen is the first to
recognize the youth’s resemblance to Odysseus, and then Peisistratos tells the
hosts that their guest is indeed Telemachos.

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Hermes is sent to Calypso’s island. After Hermes tells her the will of the
gods, Calypso instructs Odysseus to make a raft and sail home. Odysseus does as
he is told, but when he sails out, Poseidon finds out and sends a storm towards
Odysseus, and wrecks his raft. Athena saves him, and Odysseus swims ashore. He
finds himself in the lands of the Phaiacians, in Scheria. After waking up in
the morning he encounters the Phaiacian princess Nausicaa who gives him
clothes, food, and drink. She then takes him to the city and tells him where
the palace is. At the palace, Odysseus tells of his adventures. He tells of the
Lotus- Eaters and the Cyclops, the goddess Circe, how he went into the Kingdom
of the Dead, and of the Sirens. After he finishes telling his story, the hosts
give him gifts and promise him safe passage to Ithaca. In the morning the
Phaiacians take him to Ithaca. Odysseus wakes up and after realizing that he is
in his homeland, hides his gifts.


prince then goes and finds his loyal servant Eumaios,
and the swineherd takes him in. Athena goes and tells Telemachos to go back
home, and he does so at night. When Telemachos returns, Odysseus reveals his
true identity to his son. Together they make a plan to get rid of the suitors.
The next day Odysseus continues acting like a beggar and goes to the palace to
beg, but the suitors insult and bully him. While washing him, his old nurse Eurycleia
recognizes him, but after being threatened by Odysseus swears not to tell
anyone. Penelope organizes an archery contest in which whoever can take
Odysseus’s bow and shoot an arrow through a row of twelve axes will be able to
marry her. No-one is able to string the bow except Odysseus. Once he shoots the
arrow through the axes, he turns and starts shooting the suitors. With the help
of Telemachos, Eumaeus, and Philoetius, he kills all of the suitors. Odysseus
then reveals his identity to his wife, Penelope, but she only believes after
testing him. After that, the prince reveals himself to everyone else in his
palace. He then goes to visit his old father,
Laertes, and peace is restored in Ithaca.