The health threats such as obesity. In addition, human

The human body is made up of different
organs that work together to form a system. These systems require proper
nutrients in order for them to carry out their normal function. Like typing on
a computer, hitting any key on the keyboard cannot produce words or sentences
that will make sense. Typing must be purposeful and include real words; hence,
eating healthy is like real words for the body. Therefore, it is of vital
importance to eat healthy foods because it helps to prevent diseases, increases
energy and growth, and promotes good mental health.  

Diseases including but not limited to,
hypertension, diabetes, cancer, and high cholesterol can occur less by eating healthy food. According to The
American Heart Association, “eating healthy food is important for managing
blood pressure and reduces the risk of heart attack, strokes, and other health
problems.” To illustrate, the human body requires nutrients such as
carbohydrates, vitamins, proteins, and minerals in these healthy foods for proper
organ function. If there is a nutrient deficiency, the proper organ functions
will degrade. In other words, the type of food that is consumed is important because
it gives the body information on how to function correctly. However, eating too
much or eating unhealthy food gives misguided information and can cause the
body to become unstable, resulting in improper organ functions that can lead to
health threats such as obesity. In addition, human metabolism tends to slow
down when getting older and is more delicate, where it needs proper maintenance
to carry out its work effectively. Therefore, eating healthy food can help to
assist with these changes over time so that people may live longer and be in
better shape.

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Children are active and are rapidly
growing and developing. At this early stage in their life, eating healthy food
is important to maintain their energy and how they grow. Furthermore, as
children grow between puberty and adolescence they are challenged with school
work and physical activities. Ensuring that they eat healthy food can greatly
increase their energy and as a result, they can perform better academically and
physically. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “students
who practice unhealthy eating are more likely to receive poor grades, get low
test scores and pursue less education.”

Finally, eating healthy food can
significantly help to decrease mental health issues. Some studies have shown
that due to certain vitamin deficiency, especially vitamin D has caused an
increase of depression. When the body is not provided with the proper nutrition
from having healthy food the body will start to feed from itself. This causes
cells to lack the proportion of nutrition it needs to function effectively. As
a result, the brain tissues are affected as well as other parts of the body; thus,
contributing to mental health. For this reason, eating healthy food can have wonderful
effects such as harmonizing mood and giving feelings of wellbeing.

In closing, the benefits of eating
healthy food have proven to encourage good mental health; help to prevent disease,
and boosts energy and growth. In contrast, eating healthy food might seem difficult
at times to maintain due to temptation of other foods, but making the right decision
is not in the moment; rather, it involves receiving many things that can affect
an entire life period.