“The He mentions how the members have an responsibility


Social Responsibility of Business is to increase its profit,” is written by
Friedman, Milton. In the article Friedman argues about increasing the profits. There
are several examples provided to support the argument throughout the article. As
you read the article, you would start to notice that Friedman talks a lot about
the members in the organization. He mentions how the members have an responsibility
to make loads of money while following the basic rules in the society. The article
explained how many different employees will have different objective, where a
group of workers can establish a corporation for eleemosynary. It explained how
managers does not have enough money profit for the objective. He cannot be
judge on the way he performs his duty, as he can have other responsibility,
such as family, conscience, and his feeling.


author mentioned about ‘Social Responsibility,’ where the company’s director
would use the money which the company owns, rather than his own to make a
better atmosphere around them. Friedman also mentions the claims that is
reported by imposing tax and the amount of money that is being invested. In the
article, Friedman portrayed an employee as a sale associate manager, which
would provide loss in the profit. In this example, Friedman criticize the
manager for stealing the fund to make an improvement in the social benefit.  Friedman deliberates how the corporation should
not be involved in the social responsibilities. He says, the government is here
to provide the citizens with a better life. Hence, the corporation wants to
stay away from the private sector to allow them to set their own rules.

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though, business and corporation should be concern in increasing the profit,
they should be aware of the environment impact that takes place in the society.
Based on the Friedman’s article, I disagree with his argument as the responsibilities
to the society allows the economy to move ahead.