The fortunate to avail the opportunity of pursuing a

The above maxim on life had a significant effect in molding my life and continues to be the constant driving force in my never ending pursuit of knowledge. I believe research which is necessary to acquire data and formulate theory is just as important as knowing how to apply those theories and data to the real world. To be competent and competitive, I will require a Master’s degree that will keep me up-to-date with the recent technologies and developments which are the need of the hour.I came from a remote small town called Chirala, Prakasam (dt) in India where pursuing graduate studies is a very big deal. I was blessed with a loving parents who encourages my studies and I feel fortunate to avail the opportunity of pursuing a master’s degree in your esteemed university. During my bachelor studies in ELECTRONICS AND COMMUNICATION ENGINEERING, I learned C-programming and Operating Systems. I believe in a fact that Engineers should not be confined to a particular stream. According to my opinion, an Engineer should be capable of working with all the technologies. I tried my best in attaining knowledge in various Engineering fields such as Electronics, Electrical and Computer Sciences. And triggered my interest towards a career in Engineering technology.       In my undergraduate course work, I was acquainted with subjects like computer architecture and organization, c-language ,computer networks, operating systems, switching theory and logic design, microprocessors and micro controllers. All of these have equipped me with the confidence and knowledge to foster my endeavors towards research and development.  All through my education, I strived to be innovative and practical in the concepts I learned. My enthusiasm and interests motivated me to extend my knowledge beyond my course work. My academic achievements testify to these standards.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  I have worked as an active student coordinator in many events conducted in our college. I never allowed myself to be idle. In my free time I either read books or browse the internet for educational topics, innovations and discuss those topics with my peers. All this made me independent, self-motivated and proactive with a proper time management skills.