The form a cloud that prevents the normal circulation

The past century has been characterized by a continuous rise in the earth’s temperatures. Research has identified that the rise in the ground and atmospheric temperatures of the earth is as a result of both human and natural activities. The continuous rise in temperature commonly referred to as global warming has been identified as a global calamity that should be prevented. The emission of fossil gases has been attributed to being the leading cause of global warming as the fossil gases form a cloud that prevents the normal circulation of atmospheric gases resulting in an increase in the temperatures. Some of these gases include Carbon emissions that are as a result of human industrialization and deforestation activities. These emissions have been the leading cause of global warming and researchers predict irreversible changes in the global climates and patterns if human industrial emissions are not stopped. The effects of global warming can affect both plant and animal life (Archer, 2012).           Global leaders have time and again called for everyone to take part in the prevention of global warming. Through collaboration, governments have been able to pass laws that prevent certain human activities that have been identified as major emitters of the greenhouse gases that result in global warming. This is because it is evident that the percentage of carbon emissions will continue to rise in the coming years if preventive action is not taken. Activities such as clearing large tracts of forest land through forest fires are highly prohibited in most countries as plants can reduce the percentage of the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere through natural processes. Manufacturing industries have also been targeted in the laws as most of them engage in the emission of waste gases into the air. Also, efforts have been made to encourage people to change their lifestyles and live environmentally friendly lives. These include walking to work instead of using personal vehicles to save on fuel energy and also to use environmentally friendly products such as eco-friendly electronic that save a huge percentage of energy (Dinc?er, 2010).           In conclusion, with the implementation of the global warming responses, most of the negative effects can be reduced if not prevented and the environmental and human health will be protected gradually. Therefore, it is the responsibility of everyone to be ready to work in ensuring that the human-made activities are controlled, and their contribution to the global warming is reduced considerably.