The for everything wrong with the country(The Holocaust). The

The HolocaustMrs.greenleyResearch paper22/1/2018The Holocaust    Not long ago in 1933 Germany, Jews were discriminated and killed. Anyone who was of jewish descent was classified as jewish and persecuted. The German government was fascist and was very anti semitic. People were arrested by the Gestapo for being a descendant or believing in Judaism. The gestapo would go door to door looking for jews to arrest. Some jews escaped germany early before they were restricted all rights. Some jews that were escaping germany to america were denied and sent back to germany. The chancellor of Germany in 1932 was Hitler. Hitler was anti-semitic and homophobic. Hitler also expressed hatred towards Catholics and Gypsies. He blamed Jews for everything wrong with the country(The Holocaust). The Germans would begin implementing rules restricting the rights of Jews. The Nazi Party of Germany made propaganda posters depicting how evil the Jews were(The Holocaust, 23). Jews had to wear a yellow Star of David on their clothes so they could identify as Jewish ( Staff). Then, after awhile Jewish people could not marry Germans or use vehicles. In 1931, the Jewish population in Germany was around 523,000 (History Staff). There were concentration camps in Nazi Germany where prisoners were sent to do hard work. The Nazis started making death camps that would exterminate large amounts of Jewish and homosexual people. This was part of Hitler’s “final solution” to get rid of Jews (The Holocaust). They tried to keep the operation a secret from the rest of the world but that was impossible. People saw what was happening at the death camps and told other countries but they never believed that such atrocities were happening (The Holocaust). At the beginning of the Holocaust, Nazis put people into boxcars and have the exhaust asphyxiate them. This method was ineffective for the Nazis, so they discontinued it.In 1943, Jews were forced to climb onto trains that were headed for death camps(The Death Camps 16-17). The conditions inside the trains were horrible. At the beginning of the war, prisoners could buy a more sanitary train car. They were packed in the train cars shoulder to shoulder, there was no room to sit down or move. Upon arrival to the death camps, children under fourteen and pregnant women were killed(The Death Camps 24-25). People that had jewelry on were robbed and beaten. If someone was a skilled electrician, they had a good chance of survival at the camps(The Death Camps 24-25).The biggest death camp, that killed the most people, was Auschwitz. Auschwitz was made as a concentration camp for labor(Auschwitz). Due to its location next to railroads and centered in Nazi Germany, Auschwitz became the perfect location to send the prisoners(. At the main gate of Auschwitz, there was a famous sign that stated: “Work makes you free.” Auschwitz was located in Poland. Auschwitz was the largest concentration camp located near the town of Oswiecim in southern Poland (Auschwitz) The extermination rate in Auschwitz reached 100% when Jews arrived from Hungary(The Death Camps 26-27). Auschwitz was the camp that killed the most Jews but it also killed around 83,000 gypsies(Auschwitz). Auschwitz was also called Auschwitz Birkenau and was located in Poland. Another one of the camps in Auschwitz was called Badeanstalten. It was a camp in which prisoners would do hard labor for Ig Farben workers(Auschwitz). Auschwitz was originally supposed to be a concentration camp(Auschwitz). Prisoners at Auschwitz would work to produce goods for the Nazis (The Holocaust 22). During the war, Auschwitz killed around one million people.Prisoners at Auschwitz would work to produce goods for the Nazis(The Holocaust 22). Rudolf Franz Hoss was the central Auschwitz commander (Auschwitz). Josef Mengele experimented on Jews and on pregnant women at Auschwitz to try to expand the Aryan race. He would select his patients once the prisoners got off the train for cruel experiments. Most of his patients died of horrible deaths.Auschwitz had secret gas chambers. Some people knew they were gas chambers but the nazis made most of them think they were going to shower. Birkenau was the camp in Auschwitz that had the gas chambers and mass executed jews(Auschwitz). Birkenau was located along the railways were large amounts of people were transported there.Auschwitz Birkenau, had massive graves were dead people were buried. These huge graves started causing problems(The death camps 24-25). These graves caused horrible smells throughout the camp. Some of them overflowed and bodies would fall out. Inside the graves, there was a gross liquid that seeped out and polluted the groundwater near Auschwitz. After they realized that these graves were causing problems they started burning the dead bodies.When Nazis realized they were going to lose they transported prisoners out of the death camps and tried to destroy the death camps. Auschwitz Officials sent 60,000 prisoners to a new location. When the Soviets arrived they found 7,600 sick prisoners who were left behind. Before Hitler killed himself he told the German people to stick to the strict anti-semitic rules. After his death, 250,000 to 300,000 Jews died(The holocaust). Hitler blamed the Jews for Germany losing the war(Auschwitz).The Germans would use a poisonous chemical called Zyklon-B in the gas chambers. Before it was used to kill Jews it was an insecticide for killing rats and bugs. They found out its effectiveness in humans when they locked 500 Soviet prisoners of war in a room and through a few Zyklon-b pellets in theirs. They were dead when they opened the door to the room they were in. After this, they bought thousands of cans of Zyklon-b and dropped them in the shower rooms or gas chambers. In the gas chambers, they thought they were taking a shower but a guy on top of the room would drop in cans of the chemical.