The for all intents and purposes devastating consequences on

The realities of terrorism for all intents and purposes have mostly come
to be accepted globally, regionally and even locally, in the recent
past, as opposed to the end of the Cold War and particularly the
beginning of the millennium. More nations definitely have been badly hit
by the activities of for all intents and purposes terrorist groups,
some of whom for the most part are sponsored and armed by influential
individuals, governments and organizations across the globe, to the
extent that these groups specifically possess for all intents and
purposes much more sophisticated weapons than the state, and even the
capacity to completely destroy their target if careful and decisive
efforts for the most part are not made to essentially curtail the
activities of actually such groups, basically contrary to popular
belief. Although there essentially are really several reasons that have
been propagated as causes of terrorism, most of which specifically are
related to government actions and inactions – policy –, it actually is
no doubt that very many groups essentially have essentially emerged
globally, regionally and even in Nigeria, whose activities have had for
all intents and purposes devastating consequences on the population as
well as the economy and development of the state in a very big way.
Globalization is another phenomenon that has arguably specifically come
to be closely connected with terrorism and basically terrorist
activities. The opportunities provided by globalization essentially have
served as very particularly effective vehicles for basically terrorist
activities to drive; from transportation, to communication, and even
weapons manufacture, for all intents and purposes terrorist activities
for the most part have increasingly kind of become much generally more
sort of effective and its consequences much pretty much more
devastating, as a result of the opportunities and even artifacts
provided for by globalization. Hence, this article attempts to
interrogate the link between terrorism in Africa generally, and Nigeria
in particular, as well as basically identify ways by which globalization
can also definitely be more effectively used in combating terrorism in
Nigeria in a for all intents and purposes big way.