The England during the reign of Queen Elizabeth, know

The Elizabeth Era is known for the persecution of witchcraft and the ones who practices it, know as witches. The people during this time strongly believed about supernatural creatures and things and the most of the cases women were the ones who where more accused. The Elizabethans in England believed that witchcraft was involved with the devil and was something to cause harm, when in that time people were very superstitious for explain why things happened in the way it happened.The Elizabeth Era occurs in the Tudor period of England during the reign of Queen Elizabeth, know as the Virgin Queen, daughter of Henry VIII, which is named because of her. The era is also called as the Golden Age and the Elizabethans were any person, especially a writer, during this time. In this period the two major religions were catholic religion and Protestant religion and whoever who did not practice one of these religions was persecuted, put it in prison, tortured and even executed. Catholics believed that the pope and a priest had the power to forgive any sin and the Protestants believed that only God had the power to forgive sins. The Catholic Church did not believed in superstitions because they used to think that all supernatural things were evil and wicked. In that time there wasn’t a real explanation for things, so when something unexplainable happened people would blame those events on witches. The Elizabethan medics was very simple and basic and the Black Death al oat killed one third of the population. They didn’t know the cause of that disease who caused a lot of deaths, and the fear and anger that people felt had to be directed at someone, in this case to the witches. Women were often more accused for being witches than men were. They would blame witches for almost everything bad happened, like deaths, houses burned down, or death of animals. The women who were accused were generally old, poor, unprotected, singles or windows. And they were two types of witches, the withes and black ones. The withe ones were known for healing and the black ones for harm others. In 1562 the Queen Elizabeth passed a harsh law leading to hunts witches. Th ones who were accused for it were executed. In England the punishment for witchcraft was hanging, where in Spain and France were being burned alive. They identified as a witch anyone who has “witch marks”, a mark that had (supposedly) been put in the body of the woman by the devil and also women who had cats, dogs, rats, or any small animal. They think that those animals were demoniac creatures. Curiously, Anne Boleyn, which was the mother of the Queen Elizabeth , was accused of being a witch for having a sixth finger growing from her small finger and for having a mole on her neck. Astrology was a big part of the era also, they used to determine the causes of things. They believed that the positions of the planet would cause threats or benefits to health, like for example they believed that Saturn was longevity and the conjunction of Mars and Saturn causes plagues and Mars caused illness.In conclusion, the Elizabethan Era was a time that people lived with a constant fear, where there was no explanation of why things happens, they were a lot of deaths and diseases so people started looking supernatural explanations and to who they can blame on. During the Elizabethans men were all-powerful. Woman didn’t had the same rights as the men and they were expect to obey them, women totally relied on men members of the family, so they were the easy victim of who they can blame for all the bad things that happened, such like the plagues and the Black Death. Woman were unfairly victims of a macho age where they could not defend themselves and were sentenced to death without a reasonable and clear reasons.