The dope middle. The dope means that the person

The movie is going about somebody who is working with the
MI-7, an British secret company. After screwing up a mission in Mozambique where
the president was killed in front of his eyes. Because of that big blunder he
was fired. He was gone to China, where he was tried to fight his shame away
with karate. One day he was asked to come back to the MI-7. People found out
that an attack on the Chinese prime minister was planned, the one who said that
only wanted to talk to Johnny. That is why Johnny returns to London, where it
has completely changed. There he meets his new boss Pegasus, who wanted to give
him another chance after his blunder in Mozambique. He also meets the handsome
Kate..”Kate Sumner” and he also meets Simon Ambrose “the best secret agent”
thinks he self. With his new assistant Tucker leaves Johnny for Hong Kong to
hear the informant. The informant says that the attack on the Chinese prime
minister is planned by a group that calls itself “Vortex”. To commit the
murder, they need a key. There are three keys and the man shows that he has one
of the three. After he shows it he was killed by a killer- cleaner. Johnny
takes the key back to London but in the plane he gets stolen by some Suzan that
Johnny thinks you pronounce his name as Shooshan. From a Russian double-spy of
the KGB, Johnny then takes the second key, after the Russian has been mortally
wounded during a game of golf. The Russian has just told Johnny there is a
third accomplice, and that this has been invaded in the MI-7. Johnny and Tucker
are trying to find out who this intruder is. Although Tucker has strong indications
that this top agent must be Simon, Johnny lets himself be led astray and even
gives Simon his second key in good faith. Soon Johnny himself is suspected of
being this spy, and he has to run for his life. Johnny runs to Kate’s house.
Together with her, he discovers a link between political murder five years ago
in Mozambique. The three keys are needed to gain access to a dope middle. The
dope means that the person who takes it in, does a few minutes what you say and
then falls dead. For example, Vortex can have someone else commit a murder,
without ever being caught. Together with Tucker, English tries to prevent the
narcotic drug from being used, but then receives the product itself. Simon uses
this and gives Johnny the order to kill the Chinese prime minister. Thanks to
the training he had in China, he knew how to resist the drug. The Chinese prime
minister has been saved!. Simon has the chance to escape and he also does that
with the result that Johnny comes after him and it was a very exciting fight
sometimes with some kllunzel but that made it also funny.